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Medellin’s Top 10 Activities List for 2019

Medellin’s Top 10 Activities List for 2019

Medellin’s Top 10 Activities List for 2019

Before planning a transcontinental trip it is important to be able to highlight (and possibly book) activities prior to arrival. This way, not only do you save time but you also create an itinerary with the list of activities that you know you can’t go without doing anywhere.

Enter Medellín, South America’s recently popular tourist destination for families, solo travelers and recently, bachelor party trips.

You’re going to want to know what to do and to leave out all of the guesswork, we here at Medellín VIP have come up with a list of top 10 activities (counting down to our staff’s #1 choice) our clients can’t leave without partaking in. Note: many of these activities can be scheduled on the fly but in order to get the full experience, please be sure to book in advance.

#10 Medellín City Tour

This list was harder than we thought simply because of the different types of people we get as clients. Some are part of large groups of bachelors, others are solo travelers looking to explore and we also get the occasional family looking for more diurnal sightseeing activities. For these people, we have our Medellín City Tour.

The Medellín City Tour is a private tour where depending on the number of attendees we assign a vehicle, driver, and guide to your group. We pick you up at your hotel/apartment in the morning and off we go. We want you to see Medellín’s most important sites in an exciting 4-hour tour.

Our city tour is unlike any other and we promise you’ll see the Medellín you wanted to see. The Medellín far from the beaten path of the Poblado sector. You’ll hit all of the well-known tourist spots in town with an expert guide that will leave no question unanswered and will have you leave the city with more knowledge about Medellín than most locals.

What’s Included

4-hour city tour onboard large van, bilingual guide.

#9 Paintball Party in Medellin

At #9 we have a classic bachelor party activity that is perfected here in the Antioquian capital, paintball. An activity that screams excitement, adrenaline and even pain, paintball in Medellín is one of our most solicited daytime activities.

The beautiful landscape and different terrains make this activity a must-do for bachelor parties and corporate trips looking for a clean, fun activity away from all of the “other” temptations.

Medellín VIP wants to provide you with the ultimate paintball experience which is why we want to take you to the outskirts/rural areas where the scenery can be most appreciated. High up in the mountains where all you can see are farms, the area has some of the best paintball fields and your best bet at a great time.

What’s Included

Transportation to the field from your hotel/apartment, paintball equipment (specifics discussed informal quote) and transportation back to your hotel/apartment.

#8 Shooting Range

Next, on the list, we have a male pastime that is recently picking up in Medellín that provides all of the excitement needed for a great time. At the shooting range, you get the opportunity to show your bros how important all those years of Grand Theft Auto 3 really were.

The shooting range Medellín VIP takes you to is also in the outskirts of the city (about 40 minutes) outside of the city where our clients will spend the day learning about different types of handguns shotguns and uzis, tutorials on different methods to use them and more than enough time shooting blank objects.

The shooting range is also another activity that can be done during the daytime that will enable you to have a full bachelor experience without all of the guilt. Let us pick the group up in the early hours of the day, take you outside of the city and share with you an experience that will have Medellín always on your mind.

What’s Included

Transportation from your hotel/apartment to the shooting range (bullets are discussed once we send you a formal quote) and transportation back to your hotel/apartment.

#7 Paragliding in Medellin

If you’re an adventure seeker with minimal to no fear of heights, we suggest you try #7 on our list.

Paragliding in Medellín is one of our favorite diurnal activities because not only is it quick and fun but you will also have views of the valley that will otherwise not be seen anywhere else. This activity starts out early in the morning as we need to call our contact over at the paragliding headquarters up in San Felix where they let us know if weather conditions are promising and what time will have our clients enjoying the full experience.

The drive is about 45 minutes and once you reach your destination, the view alone is enough to have you want to stop and gaze at the valley. You didn’t go all the way up there to just stare though, after taking down the necessary general information for safety insurance, the instructor gives you general tips on how to enjoy your experience to the fullest. After all is set, run, run, sit and relax.

What’s Included

Transportation from your hotel/apartment, a 20-minute paragliding session with a trained professional and transportation back to your hotel/apartment.

#6 ATVs in Medellin

Coming in at #6 we have an activity that’s available in possibly every vacation spot around the world but we promise not to like here.

ATV off-road adventure in Medellín is a great way to get away from city life by heading deep into the mountains of the municipality of Rionegro. About 5 minutes away from Medellín’s Jose Maria Cordova International Airport you’ll find a very narrow path where you’ll discover the most rural parts of the department of Antioquia. Muddy trails, dirt roads, and straight-up wilderness are just some of the different terrains you’ll encounter on this 4-hour tour.

You have to keep in mind that if you’re part of a group of more than 5 people, you need to contact us with lots of notice to ensure there are enough vehicles available for everyone.

The day starts off early in the morning as we need to take the 45-minute drive up to the airport where after a brief 30-minute introduction and test, off we go.

What’s included

Private transportation from your apartment/hotel to the trail, a 4 hour ATV tour and transportation back to your hotel/apartment.

#5 Helicopter Tour

One of Medellín’s newest and increasingly popular means of transportation is by way of the helicopter and of course, Medellín VIP has the hookup.

Now, helicopter tours aren’t official tours per se but instead ways to get to the most popular municipalities outside of the city. We use helicopter transportation to get to and from the airport, see parts of the city in record times and recently, there is also the option to visit Guatape in a chopper!

Here on your honeymoon, couple’s retreat, family or business-oriented trip? Well, getting around in a helicopter is probably the best way to travel that is both luxurious and 10x quicker. Let us pick you up at the airport in style and have pictures and memories of the city like only a handful of people have ever had the opportunity to set their eyes on.

What’s Included?

Transportation to chopper along with the helicopter transportation method of your choosing.

#4 Rumba Tour

Surprisingly, the final four on our list all involve alcohol which goes to show you how much alcohol and poor judgment influences a lot of Medellín’s visitors.

As the premier entertainment and hospitality group, we want to take you out to the best clubs in the city and try our best to be your ideal wingmen when it comes to going out. That is why we find out what’s lit on any given night and let you know where bottle service is a must and where you should just head over for a few drinks.

We take you on a tour of the always popping Parque Lleras area where not only will we stop at all of the major clubs but we’ll also give you a preliminary introduction to what how the nightlife is out here and what the dating scene is like for Americans.

What’s included

For this tour, all you need is a standard part-time concierge and the will to party.

#3 Gentleman’s Club Excursion

Many people argue that bachelor parties can be orchestrated without the incorporation of a night of debauchery. They’re right. However, nocturnal outings for a group of guys bidding farewell to a friend’s single life has become so big in pop culture that I dare to say there have been men that have gotten married in order to have a bachelor party.

That last paragraph may have been hyperbole but being in the tourism and bachelor party industry, we’ve met all sorts of characters.

On our gentleman’s club excursion, we’ll take you to the city’s best nightclubs that cater specifically for the modern man. These clubs are a little different from what you’re used to back in the states ( see Top 3 Strip Clubs in Medellin) but we promise that with the translator/ concierge we assign to you, the night will be quite memorable. Take our word for it.

What’s Included?

All you need is a knowledgeable concierge and an open mind.

#2 Medellin VIP Signature Boat Party

You guys have no idea how hard it’s been choosing the top two, not because they’re both great activities but because 9/10 clients come out here with very little time to do both and they’re both equally as entertaining.

Our wakeboarding/pontoon boat party is the ultimate Medellín experience for groups who love the water, wakeboarding and copious amounts of alcohol.

These boat parties are made up of, alcohol, snacks, friends for the party, great music and just you and your boys enjoying the Guatape lake for a few hours. We may not have the ocean as Cartagena does but after you visit Guatape with Medellín VIP, you’ll probably never want to leave.

We start off the day at about 9 am where we pick you up at your hotel/apartment with friends for the party and alcohol. We then head over to Guatape (a small town 2 hours outside of the city) where on the dock we will have a pontoon or wakeboarding boat ready for our arrival. We will get to stop at Pablo Escobar’s (now abandoned) estate and party on the lake for as long as you see fit.

What’s Included?

Transportation from your hotel/apartment to Guatape, pontoon/wakeboarding boat, snacks, alcohol, a logistics person and transportation back to your hotel/apartment.

#1 Medellín VIP Signature Pool Party

After a long wait, we’ve finally reached an activity that was pretty much unanimously voted the #1 Medellín activity.

Choosing between the boat party and villa signature party was a difficult decision but in the end, we decided to go for the villa party at #1 mostly because it lasts a lot longer and there are realistic, no restrictions.

The boat party is amazing but there is a reason why our villa trip is our most requested service and that reason is, you’ll live like a celebrity (for a day). We rent a luxury villa in the outskirts of the city equipped with a pool, sauna, and an unrivaled view. That’s not all though, once we arrive at the villa you’ll have at your disposal a chef that prior to our arrival had been setting everything up for a BBQ and snacks for the party. While this is going on, back home we’ll be loading you up to a bus with a few friends of ours, snacks and more alcohol than you’ll know what to do with.

Once we arrive at the villa, we will hold for applause and you enjoy the scenery (both inside the bus) and outside as well.

We spend the day at the villa (you also have the option to stay overnight but very few do due to the rumba tours you’d be missing out on after the day is over). After eating, drinking and enjoying some great music, you decide what time we’re set to leave and we’ll head back to the apartment on the same bus.

What’s Included

Transportation to and from the villa from your hotel/apartment, a villa for a day, a chef/food, alcohol, a DJ, concierge person and an experience that will leave you depressed once you touch American soil.

There you have it, Medellín’s Top 10 Activities List for 2019 and although we know you’re here on a tight schedule, setting up at least 3 of these tours will guarantee you have the ultimate Medellín experience which is more than can be said about people that visit Medellín and never leave the Poblado area.

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