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Paragliding in Medellin



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Paragliding Medellin

If you’re an adventure seeker looking for a new experience in a great city, we strongly suggest our paragliding Medellin. Paragliding Medellin combines the thrill of flying with the views of the beautiful landscape of Medellin’s mountains.
This activity should be done in a city where views and weather are one and where you feel you’re part of a culture. Paragliding Medellin has been a part of paisa culture for decades. Every Sunday, families, couples young and old take the trip up to San Felix where they picnic and watch as the dozens of newcomers and experts soar hundreds of feet. 
If you’re part of a group of adventure seekers and you get more thrill out of watching than participating, feel free to be part of the tour. Tag along and picnic, mingle with the locals and take in the views. 
The day starts off early in the morning and following a confirmation of weather conditions you’ll head up to the mountains where you will soar hundreds of feet up in the air with a licensed paragliding expert. Live an experience like no other and bring your go-pro along so you can brag about this experience back home. The excursion is about 4 hours long and there are dozens of local pig-out spots on the road where you can enjoy the experience like a local.

Paragliding Medellin with Medellin VIP is not only more fun but you can also be sure you’re working with a certified company with more than 6 years in the entertainment and hospitality industry in Medellin. Contact us, today!


  • Private Driver (optional)
  • 15 Min Paragliding Air Time w/ Certified Instructor
  • Protection pads and helmet
  • Dress comfortably

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