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Medellin Bachelor Party: Bachelor Party Checklist

Medellin Bachelor Party: Bachelor Party Checklist

If one of your best friends is getting married you’re probably here because you’re looking into having Medellin be the venue for the bachelor party. And you need us to make it happen. If that’s true you need to prepare yourself for one hell of a bachelor party experience. We will be your eyes, ears and entertainment in Medellin but we still need you to follow a few rules and follow the Medellin Bachelor Party checklist below.

Best Man Responsibilities

Medellin VIP will take care of everything but we also need your help to make sure everyone has fun.

  • Confirm the guest list with the groom and make sure everyone knows when, where and how much.
  • Work with the groom to find out what he wants out of this and what kind of activities he would be looking to engage in.
  • Figure out a budget for spending money.
  • Check with the other guys to make sure everyone is cool with the Medellin Bachelor Party budget.
  • Review with everyone else what you asked from Medellin VIP to make sure that there are no misunderstandings and everyone knows what the groom and you asked for.
  • Go through our list of activities and remember that if you tell us to plan an itinerary for you, our philosophy is, sleep when you’re dead.
  • Buy airline tickets.
  • Stay on the groomsmen until they too buy their airline tickets.
  • Talk to everyone about what kind of accommodation you’d want while here (furnished apartment in the city, villa outside of the city, hotel room.)
  • Talk to us about rental cars (if necessary)
  • Ask us about companionship.
  • Ensure the guys know where and when to meet up.
  • Chip in for the groom’s expenses.
  • We don’t know what kind of booze, cigars you prefer or if they’re available here so make sure you purchase them before coming down to Medellin.

Groomsmen Responsibilities

First and foremost remember your here for the groom and unfortunately if you want to sleep in and the groom wants to go the strip club, you’re going to have to sacrifice sleeping.

  • Help the best man with all of the planning (if necessary)
  • Book the plane ticket.
  • Help keep the groom conscious.
  • Let the groom win at every game you play.
  • Help pay for the groom’s expenses (accommodation, food, etc)
  • Buy the groom a few lap dances.
  • Help keep the mood upbeat. That means, no whining or complaining.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT mention wives, girlfriends, children during the trip.

Groom’s Responsibilities

During this trip, you know you’re the man of the hour and the star of the show but we hope you’re aware that you have the most responsibilities.

  • Be the voice of reason.
  • Decide on activities that everyone will be looking to engage in.
  • Make sure your friends (and you while you’re at it) don’t become angry drunks looking to cause trouble.
  • Remind everyone that you’re in a foreign country and the rules might be a little different.
  • Have fun and let everyone know.


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