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Does Tinder work in Colombia?

Does Tinder work in Colombia?

Attention, single guys! Tinder, (the dating app that has basically changed the way dating works) is in Colombia and it will allow you to hit the ground running in a way I bet you didn’t expect.

The legendary beautiful women Medellin is known for, will be front and center on your mobile device and you’ll have a smorgasbord of potential, eligible females looking to mingle (and love you long time).

What is Tinder?

For those not very tech savvy or back in the dating game after a long (and overdue) hiatus, Tinder is the dating app everyone uses, pretty much all over the world.

How to use Tinder?

The concept is rather simple, you create a profile or connect via Facebook (which isn’t recommended for everyone), add a few presentable pictures of yourself and a short blurb saying who you are.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to choose your gender preference and target age group. After this is done, you’re pretty much ready to begin.

When you open up the app, you’re going to see a picture of a woman, below you’ll find a green heart and a red x button. If you press on the picture you’ll have the option of seeing more pictures and reading her blurb.

Press the picture again and you’ll go back to the original screen where you’ll find yourself in the position to either ‘like’ (heart) or ‘unlike’ (X). Similar to that show the bachelor but with hundreds of women, it gets tough.

To Swipe or not to Swipe

I forgot to mention, Tinder also has the option of swiping the picture either left (to unlike) or swiping to the right (to like).

Meanwhile, females are also running into our profiles (in my case, well-hung billionaire) and possibly swiping left or right as well. While this is going on and you happen to hit like and they happen to “like” you too, you’ve got a match. This is where you have the opportunity to message this person and get the ball rolling.

Introducing Tinder Passport

Now that you know what the app is and what it does, you have to hear about this awesome feature they have that further simplifies the whole meeting process.

Tinder passport is a way for you to meet women thousands of miles away in the comfort of your home. It used to be that Tinder only worked in your area but now, the premium version (for $10 per month) you have the opportunity to talk to women in other countries so you can put in work before you even come to Colombia. This fantastic tool allows you to score multiple dates in one day thus avoiding you even having to go out to pick up girls.

What to Expect from Tinder in Colombia

The app got big about 2 years ago down here and it was a cool way for locals to talk, meet each other and eventually start dating (what the app was intended to do). Naturally, once this app really got big (by big I mean tourists using it down here) working girls started using it as a hub to sell themselves.

Not to worry, though, if you’re going to use it down here, most of the time you can discern who’s a working girl and who isn’t. Which bring us to our next article (5 Quick tips to Spotting a Smeez).

Do you have any tips on how to use Tinder in foreign countries?

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