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15 Bachelor Party Ideas in Medellín

15 Bachelor Party Ideas in Medellín

If you’re older than the age of 18 you already know that a bachelor party is synonymous with naked ladies, heavy drinking, donkey shows and more naked ladies. That’s all fine. And trust us when we say we don’t interfere with traditions. However, bachelor parties aren’t just about women and booze.

For those looking to travel to Medellin for a bachelor party or even a birthday bash, Medellin VIP is here to tell you that the picturesque landscapes and springtime weather year-round make it the perfect venue for adventure travel. In addition to the conventional late-night debauchery here are 15 Stripper-Free Bachelor Party Ideas in Medellin.

Shooting Ranges

Medellin has shooting ranges located just minutes away from the city to provide a more calm and tranquil environment for, you guessed it, shooting stuff. 50 bullets, 3 different types of rifles and multiple cans of beer, what could possibly go wrong?


This American favorite is just starting to garner popularity in Medellin but the major casinos located just minutes away from where you’ll be staying have it.

Water Rafting

Water rafting is an adventure dating back hundreds of years and an activity very few know about in Medellin. Experience the turbulent waters of the Cauca River and release all of the accumulated adrenaline from all the hard work back at the office.


Swigging beers around an open campfire with your close friends while you reminisce on past memories is priceless. This type of activity takes your mind off all the madness associated with wedding planning (warning – but might feed the pre-wedding jitters.)

Road Trips and Sightseeing

Road trips help take the mind off stressful thoughts going through the mind of a soon to be married man and the picturesque landscapes found in the towns outside the city provide a feeling of tranquility.

Kill Each Other

(Not literally of course.) With paintball being very popular among the younger urban crowd, there are a variety of different fields where you can release some accumulated stress.


Many say fishing is a dying sport but there is nothing more relaxing than a long day out fishing, drinking beer and hanging out with the guys followed by a thorough massage.

Boat Parties by Day

Guatape is a town located about an hour from the city of Medellin and famous due to the monolithic formation known as “La Piedra del Peñol.” The town also has a lake ideal for jet-skiing as well as boat parties that can be arranged.

Rent a Villa or “Finca”

“Finca” is a common word in Colombia for farm but it is known as any home located outside of the city. The fincas we have in mind however are villas that can accommodate dozens of people and can be as simple as just a small house or a luxurious vacation home with multiple pools, soccer field, gyms and pool tables. It is where the wealthy locals spend their holiday weekends. Add a few girls and multiple bottles of vodka and we’re sure you’ll never want to leave Colombia.


Very few locals have done it and has been an activity completed by mostly tourists but if you have an adventure trip in mind, nothing says daredevil more than visiting a foreign country with your friends and jumping off a plane.

ATVs and Dirtbikes

If you and your friends are into adventure travel but with minimal risks involved (unless you’re drunk and crass) perhaps dirt biking and ATV rides might be something you’ll be interested in.

Helicopter Rides

An adventure that is brief but gratifying, we take you on a 15 minute helicopter ride overlooking the entire city. Starting the local airport your adventure begins. Go back home and tell your Colombian friends you saw a side of Medellin that probably they haven’t experienced.


The beautiful terrain in the department of Antioquia makes Medellin an amazing place for activities such as jumping off a hill with a parachute like object. The experience lasts only 20-30 minutes but you will see the landscapes the way only birds do.

Restaurant Tours

An up and coming city, Medellin is home to a variety of different cuisines and if you want a calm send-off to married life, there is nothing better than a restaurant tour of Medellin. Say what you want about Colombian food but one thing it’s not is low-fat.

Anything but this

The main reason for which this article was written was for the recovering alcoholics looking to say goodbye to the single life in a calm manner. There have been stories of, get this, men who don’t have bachelor send-offs because they don’t want to do anything crazy. Which is fine but that is no reason to mark the end of an era with a Christian Style Bachelor Party. Granted, Christian Bachelor Parties might be fun (if they’re thrown by Ned Flanders) but there are other ways to have a calm send off and Medellin VIP is here to aid you in the process.

Liked what you read? Learn more about our packages and create your very own tailored Medellin bachelor party experience VIP style.


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