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What to do in Medellin: Medellin Nightlife

What to do in Medellin: Medellin Nightlife

Are you new in town and wish to start partying ASAP? If so, you may be wondering what is there to do. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Medellin VIP is the city’s premier entertainment and hospitality group meaning we want you to have as much fun as possible when in Medellin. Regardless of the types of activities you wish to engage in, we will help you plan a week’s itinerary.

Whether you’re into nightclub trips or strip club excursions, we’ve got the scoop on the best places. So sit back and continue reading as we present What to do in Medellin: Medellin Nightlife

#ManicMonday – Bogota Beer Company

Suppose you find yourself in Medellin on a Monday with nothing to do and no Spanish skills whatsoever. We first recommend you call up the team over at Medellin VIP and we’ll send over a concierge right away to ensure no second gets wasted. But in case you wish to wing it, you should know that the options are limited the first few days of the week. Mondays however should be used to visit Bogota Beer Company.

Bogota Beer Company or BBC is Colombia’s leading microbrewery and the first option on our recommendation for things to do on Monday. They play rock and roll and is a great place to go with your fellow travel buddies to plan out the rest of the week. With pretty waitresses, great classic rock songs and awesome beer, you can’t go wrong.

#Tuesdayboozeday – El Eslabon Prendido

If you’re a fan of salsa music as well as a different ambiance of locals and foreigners mingling, we suggest you give El Eslabon Prendido a go. It’s Medellin’s most well-known salsa spot and our stop for a little Tuesday night debauchery. Again, it’s still early in the week and all the hot local females are probably at home or asleep but vacation is vacation and Tuesday nights will certainly not deter our right to party.

#Humpday – Envy Rooftop

For those of you unaware, humpday is the name given to Wednesdays basically because it is the middle of the week which means you’re now over the hump. Get it? Not exactly clever but hey, we didn’t come up with it. Anyway, Wednesdays basically welcome the weekends in style.

If you find yourself with nothing to do and wondering where to take your friends on a Wednesday night, we suggest you head over to Envy Rooftop Bar. Located on the 18th floor of the Charlee Hotel (the city’s most prestigious hotel right in Parque Lleras) Envy has a large pool as well as a very chill lounge area.

Once a month, The Charlee Hotel holds pretty cool pool parties (Saturdays) at Envy but recently they’ve started having live music and events every Wednesday. With a plethora of drink options, an amazing view and great sushi, Envy has rightfully earned its place as our choice for Wednesday night activities.

#ThirstyThursdays – La Isla Club

Ok, its official, the weekend is here! (Not really but Thursday-Saturday is when the strip clubs and massage parlors have their best girls and parties). Thursday should be reserved for you taking the boys over to La Isla Strip Club (also known as The Girls Club).

Located in Las Palmas, La Isla is a haven for men looking to see beautiful women in skimpy outfits take the very little clothes they have on a stage. How many girls you ask? We don’t mean to brag but from Thursday-Saturday you can easily see between 50-100 girls.

#Fridaynight – Kukaramakara

Another popular day in the week, Friday is the day that the locals begin their weekend adventures by going out to the city’s best clubs and trust us, if you thought the girls at the strip club were hot the night before, wait til you get a look at some of these locals…

Fridays you have a myriad of options to choose from but we first suggest you take a walk around Parque Lleras just to get a sense of the ambiance there. We normally don’t recommend a specific club within Parque Lleras mainly because we like our guests to walk around and feel the area out.

Once you’ve done that we suggest you head over to Dulce Jesus Mio (a nightclub geared more towards locals with music ranging from Reggaeton to Bachata) which is located in Las Palmas. Dulce Jesus Mio has pretty crazy decoration and has its staff dress up as town characters. You’ll see the town drunk, dwarves dressed as babies and hot women everywhere.

Another option would be Kukaramakara or Sixtina Club both located in the heart of the Poblado sector on the 7th floor of the Rio Sur Shopping Center. This is where the city’s creme dela creme party and by paying 25 thousand pesos (roughly $12) you can have access to both nightclubs.

#SocialSaturday – Icono

Ok, we know what you’re thinking, you loved the strip club and you loved last night out but Saturday night will be different. We’re giving you the option to choose between one of the city’s best Reggaeton clubs (Deja Vu Nightclub located in Las Palmas) and the city’s best EDM nightclub (Icono Club also in Las Palmas).

These clubs are located right next to each other which gives for the option of entering and seeing which of the two you prefer. They each have a cover fee of 35 thousand pesos (about $17 USD) but again, if you wish to see each one of them inside first, you may kindly ask the doormen.

Like we said, these are both located in Las Palmas and only a 5 minute cab ride over to La Isla (see what we did there?)

#SundayFunday – El Social

Sundays are usually reserved for a nice dinner or dinner and a movie but if you wish to partake in something different we suggest you give El Social Bar a try. It is located a few blocks over from Parque Lleras and it is here where you’ll see Medellin’s more hipster crowd. The bar is always packed and is a great place to see and meet people.

There you have it, a whole week’s worth of nightlife activities in a nutshell. If you wish to learn more about Medellin VIP, Medellin Bachelor Parties or activities in Medellin, be sure to contact us today at info@u429764370-medellinvip-net.hostingerapp.com or call us at (877) 562-4913.


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