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What are the Best Nightclubs in Medellin?

What are the Best Nightclubs in Medellin?

What are the Best Nightclubs in Medellin?

Nightclubs in Medellin is a big reason why flocks of single guys come down to the city of eternal spring looking for a weekend adventure. From the swarms of beautiful women on every corner to the always booming parque lleras, Medellin is guaranteed to provide you with one of the most interesting nightlife experiences you’ll ever come across and here at Medellin VIP we want to give you a 2016 guide to the best nightclubs and places to hang out when the sun sets.

Now, before we begin, the nightlife out here is totally different from what you’re used to. With Miami as the exception, we doubt you’ll find hotter girls anywhere else in America and even there with women being stuck up and interested more in seeing what rich guy they’ll bag as opposed to having a good time, we bet you’d much rather have a Medellin experience. Anyway, nightclubs in Medellín are a great way to learn about the culture so before we begin with our list of best nightclubs in Medellín, we want you to keep in mind the following pointers.

  • Women tend to travel in cliques, big cliques with both guys and girls making the pick-up game a little more difficult.
  • Don’t think just because you’re foreign, you’ll be approached by women.
  • You’re in Colombia, a Spanish speaking country which means most of the music played at nightclubs is Latin Music (merengue, salsa, bachata and reggaeton, lots and lots of reggaeton).
  • A foreigner that dances is probably worth 10 that don’t so if you can dance that might help alleviate the whole language barrier problem.

If this is your first time in Medellin and want to venture out and discover on your own, this list will help you as we will only include nightclubs that are in the Poblado sector of town. That will make the commute not only quicker but only a short walk or cab ride away. So without further ado, here are the best nightclubs in Medellin.


If you find yourself in the Parque Lleras area with a group of friends and want a great nightclub with a great mix of music, amazing lighting and friendly staff, don’t think twice and head over to Gusto Medellin. Located right in the middle of Parque Lleras (above Medellin beer factory) Gusto is owned by a Dutchman living in Aruba and his Colombian wife. Both wanted to bring to the Parque Lleras sector of town a nightclub that’s big, colorful and different from the tightly crammed nightclub where all you can hear is the music from adjacent clubs.

There is usually a 10k ($3) cover fee on the weekends but once you get off the elevator on that second floor and you’re welcomed by one of their friendly staff members you’ll see this club is similar to the type of club you’re likely to find in New York or Miami. There is usually a good combination of eligible single girls along with escorts looking for a good time. Be sure to brush up on your Spanish and give Gusto a try.

Location – Calle 9A #38-26 Parque Lleras

Cover charge – Sunday – Wednesday free entrance, Thursday – Saturday $10,000 ($3 usd)


In a shopping center called Rio Sur located across the street from Oviedo shopping mall and next to the Hard Rock Cafe Medellin there is a whole new world to discover. Think parque lleras but crammed into 1 building where the city’s elite come to work-out, eat, drink and party and you’ve got Rio Sur.

The first of Rio Sur’s nightclubs featured on this list is Sixttina and it is one of the city’s most visited clubs among the city’s elite. Sixttina is located on the 7th floor of Rio Sur, hosts some of the best parties with some of the city’s (and region’s) best DJs while catering to a nice blend of tourists looking to go beyond the noisy parque lleras and the city’s upper middle class.

If you find yourself in Sixttina, expect to see models, actors and all sort of people from Colombian showbusiness. You’ll also notice that bottle service is a bit more expensive (expect to pay about $100 per bottle) and the pick-up game is a bit different as well. Not to say you can’t pick-up girls here but you have to remember that you’re now in a club where money is not an issue for the women.

Location – (Rio Sur) L-719, El Poblado #6 Sur-26

Cover charge – $20,000 ($6.50) or $25,000 ($8.00) if you want access to both Sixttina and Kukaramakara.


Directly across the widely popular Sixttina we have Kukaramakara, the city’s go-to spot for live music from great bands and a great party like atmosphere. Go to Kukara if what you’re looking for is a great place to go with a co-ed group or want to listen to great latin music from a surprisingly great band singing merengue, salsa and reggaeton songs. A great place for drinks that eventually turn into embarrassing sing along.

Expect to pay a little more than you would at clubs in Parque Lleras but if you want to impress a date a go to one of the city’s top clubs, you really can’t go wrong with Kukaramakara.

Location – (Rio Sur) L723, Av. El Poblado #6S – 26

Cover charge – $20,000 ($6.50) or $25,000 ($8.00) if you want access to both Sixttina and Kukaramakara.

Envy Rooftop

If you’re looking for the city’s most talked about restaurant/bar amongst travelers be sure to hit up Envy Rooftop Bar at the Charlee Hotel in Parque Lleras. Envy is the perfect lounge bar to have a farewell party with your group of friends and the women that tend to be up there are nothing short of amazing.

The club/bar is on the 17th and 18th floor respectively of the Charlee Hotel (the city’s most exclusive hotel) and since it’s opening back in 2010, it’s been a hub for one of the best places to hang out, eat some great sushi and have a drink while listening to lounge music. Many events are hosted here such as fashion shows, graduation parties and every Wednesday night they have a live salsa band playing until about 1am. Might not be your ideal party ambiance but if you want a hip, high-end place to bring a date or to hang out, try Envy Rooftop.

Location – The Charlee Hotel, Parque Lleras – Calle 9A #37-16

Cover charge – No cover but minimum 1 bottle per table

Nightlife in Medellín won’t be as crazy as you would expect it to be because remember, this isn’t a party oriented city like Jaco, Costa Rica or Las Vegas. You won’t have a crazy club to go to on the earlier days of the week so don’t be upset if clubs are empty on Mondays or Tuesdays. Thursdays tend to be ladies night so be sure to hit up clubs such as Babylon or Bendito Seas in the Parque Lleras area.

The best days to go out are Fridays and Saturdays and even some Sundays (when the next day is a holiday, there tend to be a lot of those here).

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