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Valentine’s Day in Colombia, September 2016

Valentine’s Day in Colombia, September 2016

Two weekends ago was Dia de Amor y Amistad, better known as Love and Friendship Day which is basically Valentine’s Day, in Colombia (September 17th).

Not only is Valentine’s day in Colombia a very commercial day for restaurants, and shopping malls but it’s also the perfect night to be single due to the dozens of single women at the clubs looking for a great night out.

That weekend we catered to 4 different groups from 4 different cities and needless to say, all were bachelor parties and all were looking to meet beautiful local girls.

For obvious reasons we never share actual names but I will talk about one of the most interesting groups we’ve had in months and by far the funniest crowd we had that weekend.

Thursday, Day 1

We started speaking to these guys weeks prior to their arrival and to be honest, we don’t really expect much from clients who ask for a whole bunch of things over the phone and expect us to commit without a deposit.

Anyway, it was a group of 13 guys and 2 girls coming from Atlanta, Mexico, Miami and NYC. Not only did these guys ask for extravagant things on the phone but they also arrived wearing flashy jewellry and got down to business quickly asking for farfetched items for a birthday party.

They wanted exotic dancers, flamethrowers, midgets and even asked for a tiger to be present while the festivities took place (more on this later).

We hooked them up with a crazy accommodations high up in the mountains with 15 bedrooms, huge pool, soccer field, indoor theatre and multiple jacuzzis. One of the most opulent listings available, by far.

They also got a full time chef, full time concierge and full time transportation, the ultimate party package.

Let the festivities begin

Immediately after arrival and after stocking their fridge with just alcohol, we went over the itinerary for the weekend. From VIP booths to strip clubs, reservations were made all over.

Dinner reservations were made at Carmen and of course, Carmen never disappoints. The city’s most popular restaurant for locals is also the preferred restaurant of Medellín VIP clients.

Once dinner was all said and done, the guys spoke with the girls and going to the strip on the first night didn’t sound like such a bad idea. These were liberal girls, we like that.

La isla, one of our go-to strip clubs was the next stop for a few of these unsuspecting guys and of course, the entrance did not disappoint. We were received with Panda and as soon as the girls saw the bottles of Moet on the table, they knew..

Friday, Day 2

After a delicious breakfast and power nap to recuperate from a night of absolute debauchery, it was decided that a pool party during the day was in order in lieu of paragliding. Beautiful girls beat heights any day of the week.

One of our boys invited a group of girls that were set to be the life of the party and with great food, as well as a wide-array of alcohol, these girls amped up the guys who didn’t get enough sleep and have been drinking all afternoon. Jungle juice creeps up on you.

Lunch was grilled salmon served over a bed of sweet potatoes, garden salad, chicken burgers, homemade chips and you guessed it, more jungle juice.

Before we knew it, the girls were drunk and despite our initial suspicions, the guys didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to enjoy a Friday night out in Medellín.

The guys asked for armed security guards and bulletproof SUVs just so they can walk around with their flashy jewellry which wasn’t exactly the best move but in the end, the client wants what the client wants.

We entered one of our favorite nightclubs in Parque Lleras where we had a VIP table set up with half a dozen bottles of Don Julio Silver, two bottles of Moet and even managed to pay off the DJ to play only what we wanted to listen to.

The club has two floors and here we are on the second floor, looking down at the first floor crowd of girls who seem to be a little bored because reggaeton hadn’t been played for a while. What these guys decided to do was spice the night up a little bit.

They pulled out a wad of cash and out of nowhere started tossing the money to the first floor. Not only was this completely unexpected for the crowd jumping on top of each other trying to get themselves some extra cash, but to the concierge who had never seen anything like it.

Their second night in Medellín was crazy for everyone involved except for the group who happened to be used to crowds and large sums of cash.

Saturday, Day 3

The purpose of the trip was one member of the group’s birthday weekend. They choose to go big every year in a different city and not having been to Medellín was the perfect excuse to go all out in the city of eternal spring.

Saturday was the day his birthday party was scheduled for so you can imagine there was a lot of planning going on from the early morning.

This guy was ostentatious, he asked for a circus show, fire-jugglers, midgets and although we couldn’t get him the tiger he wanted, we had dancers and a big show put on just for him.

The party started out as a pool party in the early afternoon and by 9pm, the guests still up, moved over to the jacuzzi. This place is sick.

Remember, it was valentine’s day so many of the guests had relationship duties to attend to while the rest of the group went over to barrio Colombia for an Anti-Valentine’s day party at a nightclub.

Our expectations for the nightclub was high because we knew single ladies weren’t going to stay in on a night like this.

Bottles after bottles of Patron and Moet and with two security guards standing their ground, the night was well on its way to becoming the perfect nocturnal outing.

Leave it to the effects of 3 days of binge drinking to take command and tell the body that energy levels were low and that it was time to go.

Sunday, Day 4

After what can be described as an amazing night out, the crew got up fairly late and decided to use the sabbath to head to the mall and get souvenirs.

After which, given their love for the show, Narcos we took them on an Escobar tour through the town of Medellín where they actually saw the city, something that wasn’t done due to the prior days of heavy drinking.

The weekend could be summed up as odd in the end and even though we’ve never dealt with such peculiar clients we’re sure that with their positive feedback, these guys will more than likely send a group similar to them. 


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