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Top 6 Best Bachelor Party Destinations in the Western Hemisphere

Top 6 Best Bachelor Party Destinations in the Western Hemisphere

Top 6 Best Bachelor Party Destinations in the Western Hemisphere.

A bachelor party (or stag party in Europe) is an event that happens once or twice in a man’s life and a memorable bachelor party is something you’ll think about for years to come. That being said, choosing a venue to hold this event needs to be researched and studied in detail to ensure the trip your planning will have and include everything you need to have the perfect send-off before you take the plunge.

Most major cities in America have tons of attractions that are worthy of 72 hours of your time but looking for something different is what leads people to travel elsewhere. For that reason we have compiled a list of 6 different cities in the western hemisphere that are worth noting and can easily be the place where you bid farewell to the single life.

Destination 1 – Medellin, Colombia

Being that I live in Medellin, my opinion might be a little biased but there is irrefutable evidence as to why Medellin is the perfect vacation spot for your bachelor party. For starters , if you like Latin women, no other city in Latin America has women that will have you in awe quite like Medellin. The perfect mix of European, Indigenous and African, the women in Medellin are amazingly beautiful and always try and look their best. Strip clubs are amazing and $200 will get you a girl like any you’ve seen in the US. There is also a plethora of daily activities to keep you and your friends entertained while you prepare for the nightlife that’s ahead.

Destination 2 – Miami, Florida

Miami might be a little overrated because it where everyone goes to mate 365 days a year but it continues to be a good option because of the warm weather year-round and its beautiful beaches. However, the city is almost always packed with tourists and when this occurs, you know that to make things happen, money talks even louder. Miami’s nightlife is quite legendary I will say that, but in order to make sure you have the best time possible on your stag party make sure you try and coordinate with everyone to go during low season.

Destination 3 – Tijuana, Mexico

Just on the other side of the US/Mexican border lies a city that is synonymous with debauchery and overall weird things going on, Tijuana. TJ is a popular destination for Californians due to is proximity and convenience but it is hardly a place to feel safe and on vacation. It is the land where cheap escorts (if they can even be called escorts) flock in abundance and where partaking in sordid shows such as the bride and the burro are much more than simple urban myth. Look it up.

Destination 4 – Montreal, Canada

Bachelor parties seem to be focused more on strippers (yawn) than anything else and it is for that reason that Americans travel in swarms to Montreal. Strip clubs are much more liberal than in the US where they promote the the hard liquor/no nipples policy. Dances at strip clubs are significantly cheaper than in the US and the girls are fully nude but despite the french influence, Montreal continues to give you the impression that you’re still in America. There are many afternoon diversions but as with everywhere with the 4 seasons, summers are more expensive and packed with tourists quite possibly looking for the same things you are.

Destination 5 – San Jose, Costa Rica

A little unconventional and many probably didn’t know this but Costa Rica has a large community of expats and American males that vacation there for sex tourism. Since the 1960s Costa Rica has been one of Central America’s most visited countries in no small part thanks to the biodiversity and natural beauty. These factors brought in many tourists which in effect brought women from surrounding countries looking for jobs as escorts for all of these visitors. Despite the Mexican, Colombian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan women that live here, the nightlife isn’t as exciting as you’d expect.

Destination 6 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Is obviously the city where bachelor parties were probably invented but that alone isn’t enough to have it be the venue. The mix of casinos, golf courses, strip clubs and overall ambiance makes it the perfect getaway but prices and crowds demotivate many people from visiting. It is impossible to visit Vegas and not have a good time but we dare you to get a quote for a bachelor weekend with just half of the things you want. This is a city that relies 100% on tourism so everyone is expecting a piece of the pie. If money isn’t an issue and just want a weekend away, Vegas is a good option but if you want to explore, see different people and get a sense of a whole new world, there are better places at a fraction of the cost.

To sum up, it all comes down to preferences and budget but every city can be made into a bachelor party destination with the right attitude and proper planning. We do however advise you to discuss what features the city has to have. Do you want a city with warm weather? Is money an issue? And will you be looking to leave the country for an adventure? If you answered yes to all of these questions, we invite you to contact us and ask about our bachelor party planning.

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