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Top 5 Medellin Bachelor Party Activities you can’t miss

Top 5 Medellin Bachelor Party Activities you can’t miss

As Medellin’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group (we say this with modesty) we care about our customers not only returning but also going back to their city with tales of excitement and a positive connotation of the city of eternal spring.

We strive to build a network of connections with top tourist spots, apartments, nightclubs and companies that offer leisurely activities just so our clients can have as many choices as possible when creating theirpackages with us.

Being that many guests have never been here before they choose the activities that either they’ve done before and want to do again in a different country or things they’d like to try for the first time. This is understandable but what if you have no idea of what you want to do? What if the whole idea of a bachelor party or weekend away is new to you in Medellín and you need some guidance. You’ve come to the right place. Our concierge team and management sat down and discussed which of the activities we offer are the most fun and what activities you certainly can’t afford to miss. The following is basically a Medellín VIP staff pick of Top 5 Bachelor Party Medellín Activities you can’t Miss.

  1. Signature Pool Party– It’s only fair to include this as the #1 bachelor party in Medellín activity just because it’s probably the best way to enjoy a day up in the mountains with a view you don’t get to see everyday. That in itself is worth it, but there’s more. For our finca trips we begin by booking an amazing villa up in the mountains about an hour from the hustle and bustle of city life, rent a party bus and fill it up with booze and friends for the party. We’ll pick you up at your apartment or hotel and off we go. At the finca not only will you find a chef already there with snacks for the party, but also steaks on the grill for your cookout. Our fincas have large pools, a soccer field and a sauna for an added relaxation session. If you need a visual description of what this trip is like, we’ll give you a second to watch the video of Rick Ross’ song “All I Really Want”, worth a thousand words.
  2. Guatape Excursion– Guatape is a small town located about 90 minutes from the city of Medellín. It is home to the monolithic formation we constantly brag about, La Piedra del Peñol. Whenever you see postcard or collage of Medellín, chances are, a large rock looking thing with the initials “GI” written on it will sure to be part of it. It is probably the best view in all of Colombia and quite possibly one of the best you’ll ever see. The rock itself is not the attraction, though. You must go up 742 flights of stairs in order to reach the summit but we guarantee the view itself will be worth your entire trip to Colombia (no, sadly there is no massage parlor at the top). We begin by picking the group up at your apartment/hotel at about 10 am and head over to Guatape. Whoever wants to climb the rock may do so (we hope everyone does) but there are also other activities at the lake. There’s jet-skiing, boat tours, a tour of the beautiful town of Guatape and oh yeah, we can also rent a large boat and party it up, big pimpin’ style.
  3. Helicopter Rides – Using helicopters as means of transportation is usually reserved for the man of the hour, Don Trump or Sao Paulo, Brazil businessmen. Why? Well, for starters it’s very expensive and 2, not really as common among blue collar folks. In Medellín however, the new fad is airport transportation by way of a helicopter. Since Medellín is the new “it” city for travellers, the city is investing in looking for new activities to attract tourists and have them see the beauty of the region in other ways besides behind the wheel of a car. Having done this quite a number of times already, I must say there is no better way to be part of a city tour. The city is undergoing drastic changes in its infrastructure therefore traffic is a current problem that hinders civilians to get around as quickly as possible. For that reason, a city tour, Guatape trip and even tours around the region are not only more effective but also more stylish by chopper.
  4. Paragliding in Medellín – First thing you should know about Medellín is, it’s landscape is unlike no other. The city itself is basically lodged in a valley with year round springtime weather where the average temperature is 72 degrees fahrenheit. Perfect for outdoor activities one of which is paragliding. Clients don’t even need to see the pictures we have because once they land in Medellín, they know seeing it from the skies is an awesome experience that you can’t do without.
  5. Pablo Escobar Tour – I know it might be a little outdated (Pablo Escobar died in 1993) and many locals prefer this tour to not be offered (they want to steer away from the city’s dark past) but many, if not all visitors have heard the story. The story of how a lower middle class common thief became the 7th richest man in the world and was responsible for more than 60% of the cocaine that entered the United States in the 1980s. We all know that part, but what many want to see is where he lived, how big he really was and what public opinion is and that’s exactly what the tour is about.

For any of these Medellin Bachelor Party ideas be sure to contact us directly at info@u429764370-medellinvip-net.hostingerapp.com for pricing and to learn more.

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