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Top 4 Reasons to Visit Medellin in the next 3 Months

Top 4 Reasons to Visit Medellin in the next 3 Months

Ask any globetrotter about South America and chances are they’ll tell you some crazy, awesome story about Colombia, specifically, Medellín. You’ve probably already heard wonderful things about the city, people, weather, food and women, yet you haven’t visited. Maybe you don’t have a good enough excuse or managed to convince your friends to come down with you but we want to tell you that if you’re looking for a place to visit in the next 3 months, Medellín needs to be on top of your list.

We hope the following insight will help convince your partners in crime that Medellín can’t be overlooked for long and that an adventure trip to Medellín needs to happen asap.

Reason 1 – Weather

If the past 5 years have shown us anything, it’s that winter weather in the Northeast really, really sucks which is why it is during this time of year that adventure seekers and hedonists search for a place to keep warm. With a yearly average temperature of 75 degrees fahrenheit, Medellín is the place you were looking for to flee the winter weather (even if it is for the weekend).

Reason 2 – Stray from the Beaten Path

I’d bet dollars to donuts you’ve been to Vegas and done everything on the classic Vegas trip itinerary. If so, why not go somewhere new? Why not embark on a new adventure in a foreign land for the weekend? Everyone’s been to the DR, Costa Rica, Montreal and Vegas but we know your friends always want to try new things and see new places. Medellín not only has spring like weather year round but has just been put on the map for world travel by the New York Times and TV personality Anthony Bourdain. Bottom line, it’s fresh, new, fun and unexplored!

Reason 3 – Favorable Cost to Benefit Ratio

With oil prices dropping and the US dollar getting stronger, now is as good as time as any to visit Colombia. Colombia has always been a good place to travel on a budget but now your money will go even further and with 5 star hotels currently ranging between $120-150 per night, this last quarter, Colombia should be your first option for an end-of-the-year vacation with the boys.

Reason 4 – Hidden Gem (Temporarily)

Nowadays, most “trending” vacation spots will have you thinking you’ve gotten away, when you really haven’t. Take Cancun and Punta Cana for instance, they may have their differences but in the end both feel like resorts in the US.

When wanting a weekend away, you want to visit a place where you can live your own brand new experiences, not try and relive what you’ve seen on TV. Here is where Medellín comes into play, an actual city, where you get to mingle with people living their regular yet completely different lives from what you’re used to. It is the only city we know where most people won’t understand a word of what you’re saying yet you’ll never want to leave.

Why now?

Most people visit Medellín in August because of the flower festival and because they think that is the best time to travel. The city in August is lit up and filled with activities but it is also very crowded. The beautiful women, nightclubs and weather is year round so if you don’t care for crowds or fellow tourists, months like September, October and November are the best time for you. The city is easier to explore, there are less tourists and you don’t have to worry about not getting reservations at the must-see spots. Long story short, what are you waiting for? Make Medellín your end of year vacation destination and let us help you relive your own Medellín VIP experience!


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