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The Ideal Bachelor Party in Medellín

The Ideal Bachelor Party in Medellín

For almost 7 years, Medellín VIP has been making bachelor party history by organizing epic send-offs to dozens of grooms to be from all over the world. From simple tours in the Medellín countryside to more elaborate pool parties high up in the mountains, we hook our clients up with unique bachelor party experiences in the city of eternal spring.

Now, we get tons of emails everyday from potential clients that want us to put together quotes for them and ask us to choose the activities that they need to do before they leave here. This is our favorite part of the job. After a 20-minute conversation with the best man/men, we put together a potential itinerary. We want to give you, the readers, a chance to see what advice we provide to all potential clients.

Penthouses in Medellín

The first item on the list is securing the perfect accommodation option for your group. Time provides you with more options and contrary to popular belief, there are very few amazing penthouses that are “party-friendly” in the city of Medellin. Everyday, more and more penthouses are under surveillance due to the loud parties that people throw with blatant disregard for neighbors. So you will want to stick to a company that knows exactly where you can party and where you’ll get the best deal.

Avoid being stuck in skidrow or high up in the mountains where no taxis will even dare go (even El Poblado has parts like this). Give us at least 3-4 months lead time and we’ll send you a barrage of options for 3 different budgets, every option provides a party-friendly atmosphere along with less strict rules as far as additional “special guests”.

Concierge Service in Medellín or VIP Host in Medellín

After the right accommodation you’re going to want to find the perfect way to reap the benefits of having a pool, jacuzzi or spectacular scenery. Considering you’re not from around and your wife to be will NOT let you come back, why not take advantage of a (likely) once in a lifetime trip. To do so, you need someone that can put the pieces together and knows the lay of the land. Someone with enough knowledge of the town and the people and with a pocket full of exploitable resources. In layman’s terms you need a wing-man. No, I don’t mean your best man that took Spanish 1 in high-school. I mean a local who spent years in the US and has been in the bachelor party in Medellin scene for years. This person will not only schedule something for every minute of the day, but will also pick up the pieces in case your plans backfire, provide exclusive tours and set up logistics for house parties you would otherwise no nothing about.

Imagine this scenario, you’re the guy that managed to convince a group of 10 of your friends. Within the group you have, the stingy guy, the whipped guy, the negative guy and the complainer (some groups of friends have 2 of each). It’s a lot of pressure to entertain these guys and even though you’re not the host, your reputation as the point-person for travel or advice is on the line. You don’t want the guys giving you a hard time or regretting a trip that took so much grovelling (to the wife/fiance/girlfriend/mother?) to take place. We sell comfort to you in the form of someone inheriting that pressure.

Our host service cost varies on the number of people in your group, so email us your dates, number of guests and expectations for your trip. One of our VIP hosts will call you for a brief phone call that will lay the foundation for an epic Medellín trip.

Transportation in Medellín

You’re here to live like a boss for the weekend and even though you want to get a sense of the real Medellín, the one not depicted on Narcos, you don’t want to depend on taxis or 17 year old kids driving Ubers with no sense of direction whatsoever. You want a comfortable mode of transportation where the group can stay together and where the driver actually knows where you’re going.

More times than we’d like to mention, large groups with no scheduled transportation have had to settle for small uncomfortable cabs and endure headaches due to not everyone arriving to restaurants and nightclubs at the same time. Spare yourself this headache by setting up nighttime transportation with us. Be it a few SUVs, large vans, limo vans or party busses, we have everything you need to pull up in style.

After having booked these three items with us, the rest will slowly come into play. Here are just a few of the tours we offer (more on our shop page):

  • Helicopter Tours to Pablo’s Estate
  • Medellín City Tours.
  • Pablo Escobar Tours
  • ATV Tours in Medellín
  • Coffee Tours in Medellín
  • Medellín Nightlife Tour
  • Paragliding in Medellin

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