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Summer Guys Trip to Medellin: What the Doctor Ordered?

With summer right around the corner, male travelers are all looking for a place far away from their girlfriends & wives but close enough to avoid long jet lags (detox is fine). So, thanks to travel guides and Colombia’s rebirth, more and more people are flying down to Medellin, Colombia.

Flights are inexpensive from many cities in the continental US, the dollar is at an all-time high, the weather is perfect and the city is relatively undiscovered. Convinced? We’ll get there.

Why Medellin?

Legend has it that therapists actually recommend men go on guys’ trips. These trips strengthen relationships back home and help alleviate work-related stress. You might think we’re making this up but this is something we’ve had clients contact us about.

Think about it, as humans, we can all use a break from the struggles of daily life. Stress, monotony and once you have the obligations associated with living with someone you make many sacrifices. These sacrifices have us stop doing the things we love to do, the things that make us who we are. Before we delve into the subject (we know you already have and are writing this down to use as ammo for an upcoming conversation with your spouse) let me explain why Medellin.

While many choose Miami and Vegas, the rest are looking for an actual adventure. Not to say that Vegas and Miami aren’t but you already know what to expect and for many, this trip can be expensive, not to mention, risky.

Medellin with a small group of male friends (we recommend a group of 5) can introduce you to a world where you’re put out of your comfort zone for a weekend. While away you’ll spend time with your best friends, forget about work and have a great time in a great city. You can’t put a price on happiness and for those that can, your money will go a long way in Medellin.

What is there to do in Medellin?

The city’s springtime weather year round, gives you a plethora of things to do both during the day and night. From rural ATV tours high up in the mountains, to soaring the valley strapped to a harness while paragliding, Medellin does not disappoint in its daytime thrills.

Nightlife tours are also adventures in its own with trendy restaurant/bars, interesting nightclubs and epic gentlemen’s clubs. You never know what to expect on a night out in Medellin but be prepared for a fun night out.

How we can Help

Traveling to Medellin for the weekend will require planning if you want to really reap the benefits of what the city has to offer. Many will argue that winging it will suffice and while we don’t disagree, chances are, you’ll want to have the most fun you can on this first trip (because for many of us married guys, this will be the only trip).

Our company was founded on the very principle that every man with a lackluster job and a monotonous life deserves one epic trip that they’ll never forget. Such a trip, was the one Medellin VIP’s founders had 8 years ago and it is what we can offer you. We want to emulate that trip every week for a new group of unsuspecting guys that won’t know what hit them when they get home stricken with the Medellin blues.

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