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Private Pool Parties in Paradise with Medellin VIP

Private Pool Parties in Paradise with Medellin VIP


If you find yourself planning a trip to Medellín or if you’re here already, it’s in your best interest to hook up with Medellín VIP.

Not only are we premier event planners but we’re also kind of a big deal when it comes to entertainment in the city. Pioneers in the art of nightlife tours and legendary bachelor parties but no service is as sought after as our Medellín VIP Signature Pool Party.

An event so epic that all of our clients return home with what we call “The Medellín Blues” our pool parties are private events that are exactly what you were looking for.

What to do During the day in Medellin

Many bachelor party groups come to Medellín expecting to find everything they’re going to do for the weekend within the first day of their trip or online. Not only is this risky but it’s also going to help you discover that although there are many things to do, you’re going to need someone to put the pieces together.

For that reason, many of you will find yourself doing a lot of walking at night and a lot of sleeping during the day.

This is where we take over.

We believe you’ve traveled too far to spend your mornings and afternoons sleeping (unless they’re power naps, those are good). That is why years ago we put together a party so epic that it had to become our signature event.

The Medellín VIP Signature Pool party is your answer for midday boredom and your major bachelor party event.

We start with renting a lavish villa with a spectacular view high up in the mountains, just outside of the city. With a huge pool and lounge area, you will be impressed by just seeing the villa.

Once the venue is secure, we set up transportation and pick up our VIP guests at the comfort of their hotels/penthouse apartment.

When we arrive to the villa our guests are immediately welcomed by VIP hostesses with a drink while our VIP chef is cooking up a storm at the BBQ. If that weren’t enough for a daytime party, we also have a DJ setting up equipment to keep the group happy for the next 6 hours.

These pool parties start at about 1pm (it all depends on how early the guys decide to leave the hotel/penthouse) and go on for 6 hours. You may stay the night but given the fact that you’re only in Medellín for the weekend, why sacrifice a Friday or Saturday night out?

It doesn’t take much to break the ice when you have a big group of friends away from the cold and away from responsibilities. After all, this is what you kill yourself 40 hours a week at a job for.

Our signature pool party, in retrospect, is a daylong event that we recommend you book when you’re in Medellín with a big group. You’re only here once and let the experts show you the lavish pool party worth thousands of dollars back home. Call us today!

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