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Pool Parties in Medellin by Medellin VIP

Pool Parties in Medellin by Medellin VIP.

It’s no secret that Medellin VIP is the city’s premier entertainment and hospitality group but we also specialize in organizing bachelor parties for some of our clients. From trips to the city’s best strip clubs to massage parlor excursions, we provide everything to ensure you have a memorable weekend. However, for some of you looking to take it up a notch and experience “that life” (a term coined by Medellin VIP founder Johnny Keys meaning that life of luxury that can be experienced in Medellin) we provide weekend getaways in one of our multiple vacation homes located outside the city.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of catering to 12 guys from the (313) and their package not only included hosting Miss Tanga 2015 but we also organized a Limo Bus pickup to take these guys over to Copacabana (a small town located just 30 minutes outside of the city) for a dope retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. When we create packages that include Signature Pool Parties we’re sure to incorporate the addition of a chef, alcohol for the party and our concierge that’s in charge of logistics for the event.

The limo bus fits 40 people comfortably and we guarantee there is no better way to arrive in style (and buzzed) to any destination in this case to a secluded little villa outside of town.

We were picked up at 11am by our party bus and picked up a few friends on the way that really made the trip memorable. With Drake and Weeknd on blast while sippin back Jack on the Rocks, these guys needed to pace themselves to not be too crazy before reaching the actual pool party.

The Villa was up on the mountains with an amazing view of the valley and once we arrived we saw there was a chef with hors d’oeuvres and cold beers just waiting for our guys to arrive.

Our female friends wasted no time and proceeded to test out the pool (topless) and that got our clients to join in and have an all out pool party. Unfortunately, this reporter couldn’t get all the perks because after all, someone had to make sure everything ran smoothly.

After taking down 8 bottles of Jack and a great BBQ complete with burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken breasts and potato salad, the guys hung out by the pool to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Being that the fellas were only here for one weekend, we could only stay at the location from 12pm to 6pm (we had an itinerary planned with activities that were already booked) therefore after the daytime pool party the bus picked us up at about 5:30. I don’t think anyone wanted to leave.

After dropping the girls off we drove back to el Poblado where a well deserved nap was due before heading out to the after hours club. Another epic finca trip wrapped up.

If you want us to hold your bachelor party at a vacation home or wish to plan pool parties in Medellin like these guys, be sure to hit us up today, we guarantee it will be the highlight of your experience in Medellin

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