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Medellin’s Top 5 Daily Tourist Activities

Medellin’s Top 5 Daily Tourist Activities

Are you looking to visit Medellin but have no idea what to do during the day? Do you want to at least participate in a few daytime activities to have something to show the family back at home? (you sure as heck won’t show them the really fun stuff.) Well, we’re here to tell you that although Medellin is known for its legendary nightlife, the city also has a plethora of daytime activities to take part in that will keep you entertained for the first few hours of the day.

Here at Medellin VIP we want to help hook you up with the best possible itinerary to make sure you have an unforgettable trip but in case you wish to wander off on your own and take in the touristy sites, here is Medellin’s Top 5 Daily Tourist Activities.

Arvi Park

First on our list is one of the city’s few natural parks located up on the hills about a 30 minute train ride from where you’ll be staying (if you’re staying in the Poblado area, that is). You will have to take the train (known as the METRO here) over to Acevedo Station (going north headed towards Niquia Station) and there, inside the station you will take the Metro Cable (a gondola lift mode of transportation).

The gondola lift itself is actually a great way to see the city the way locals see it. You get a sense of how impoverished these people are yet you won’t see happier people anywhere else. Once you arrive at the last stop of that gondola lift, you will have to pay an extra $3000 pesos (about $1.25 usd) to get to the actual park.

The park is secluded, beautiful and a great place to go for a hike. Just be sure to avoid flashy jewelry, or very expensive equipment as you never know who will head up there. The park has officers and security but don’t keep your guard down.

Pueblito Paisa (Cerro Nutibara)

Pueblito Paisa or Cerro Nutibara is a large hill known for the replica of an old town built right on top of it. Pueblito Paisa literally means Paisa Town and is one of the city’s main reference points making it an ideal place to visit anytime of the year. The view of the city is spectacular and if you find yourself in the city during the month of December, visiting Pueblito Paisa is a great place to take pictures of the beautiful Christmas decorations that light up the city.

Botanical Garden

Medellin’s botanical garden is located right outside of the Metro station called “Universidad” and the garden itself is located just across the street from Universidad de Antioquia which is the city’s most popular public university.

The garden pays tribute to the local naturalist Antonio Uribe and houses over 1,000 plant species. Visit if you want a tranquil afternoon or if you want to take pictures of the different species of birds you will also see.

You will also find a great little restaurant called In Situ within the park as well as a variety of little shops so you won’t have to worry about getting a good meal or decent snack while inside the park.

Parque Explora

A modern science museum in an otherwise impoverished area, Medellin’s Parque Explora is a very impressive piece of modern architecture. I personally find the park to be a great place to meet locals that are easily approachable and really get a sense of how locals live. The exhibition you might find simple but the architecture is worth taking the trip over to Parque Explora.

The commute, again is quite simple and you can also visit the botanical garden while you’re here considering they’re across the street from each other.

Spain Library Park

The Spain Library is located on your way to Arvi Park so you can actually hit both locations in one day. The Spain Library is the most iconic of the multiple libraries built in the first decade to improve the quality of life in “Barrio Santo Domingo” (one of the most violent neighborhoods in the 1980s. The library was built, electric stairs were implemented and with the Metro Cable Lift hovering over it, this once violent neighborhood is now a symbol of renaissance and prosperity.

The library itself displays artwork by local children and its architecture is impressive considering its location. You can also get a great view of the city from the top. Again, keep your valuables with you at all times and since this is an expensive sector of the city, you shouldn’t need carry more than $100 USD (in small Colombian bills if possible).

So when you ask “what to do in Medellin?” be sure to hit up any one of these places, you won’t regret it. Why not try out Medellin VIP’s Medellin City Tour and let us show you around while you’re well-informed by one of our knowledgeable guides.

What type of daytime activities would you like to learn about while in Medellin?

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