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Medellin VIP Now Catering to High Profile Clients

Medellin VIP Now Catering to High Profile Clients.

For at least 5 years, Medellín has been the new capital of the Reggaeton genre and home to many artists. The support of the public, elevated concert costs and number of reggaeton radio stations make this claim irrefutable.

Local artists such as J Balvin and Maluma as well as Puerto Rican singers, Nicky Jam, Ñejo, Dalmata and dozens more have publicly announced their appreciation and love for this city and many thank Medellin for their rise to stardom.

This past weekend many of these artists came together to celebrate the wedding of Nicky Jam, a pioneer in the genre and one of the most respected artists in the game. The invitees included the likes of J Balvin, Gente de Zona, Jerry Rivera, Alex Sensation, De La Ghetto, Vin Diesel, Enrique Iglesias and many more.

These artists were here not only to be part of their friend’s wedding but also take in the sites and enjoy the city of eternal spring. Follow Medellín VIP as we share with you an epic Medellín weekend as we catered to celebrities.

Thursday Day 1

As the invitees began arriving, we began the weekend by hosting the #1 Latin DJ in the United States, Alex Sensation. Born in Colombia, Alex Sensation came down to Medellín and discovered the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group.

One of the most humble, down to earth clients we’ve worked with, Alex was open to letting the experts show him the nightlife in Medellín.

We began the night at our favorite ladies night nightclub in Poblado and hooked it up with a VIP table and multiple bottles. The club wasn’t expecting a celebrity quite like this so once word got out who was in town, the line got longer and before we knew it, the club was packed.

The club itself is unlike anything you’ve seen back in the states and although small, the decoration and characters that work at this place make it a cool place to meet people and get a taste of what nightlife is like in Medellín.

Our celebrity clients have partied all over the world but are constantly looking to live new experiences and once they reach Medellín the VIP boys really deliver.

Many of our high-profile guests prefer to have the party brought to them to avoid crowds and prefer their privacy but Alex was different. He mingled with locals, was always smiling and was happy with just being in town.

Great music, beautiful women to and fro and an original Medellín ambiance made this night amazing.

Friday, Day 2

As we previously mentioned, the city was lit up this weekend due to Nicky Jam’s nuptials. The singer has lived in Medellín for 7 years and has openly thanked the city and its people for his rebirth as an artist and as a person.

Although we didn’t get invited to the wedding, work didn’t stop for us as we took the day to send a few clients to our signature pool party.

These guys might not be celebrities in Colombia but this California crew of 11 really lived like them at least for a day.

This time, the villa was located high up in the mountains with a view of the city like no other. The estate that day was set up so our guests can have access to a deep tissue massage, buffet-style lunch, copious amounts of alcohol, a DJ playing top 40 tracks and a group of VIP hostesses that were there to entertain the groom to be. Needless to say, he was entertained.

Think of it as a private pool party in paradise where our guests are the celebrities for a day and where you get to hang out with friends you don’t see regularly.

We were there pretty much all day and although we had the option of staying over, we couldn’t resist the call of Friday night in Medellín.

While we attended our guests, Nicky Jam’s wedding was well under way and with the ensemble cast that made up the guest list, there was little doubt that the party was epic.

Saturday, Day 3

After what can only be described as a sumptuous wedding in a remote location near the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, this weekend’s VIP clients were looking to take in more sights before their trip was up.

One of our partners is a close friend of Alex, having worked in radio stations in New York and Miami respectively. So not only did he put together a custom itinerary for Alex, but a group of other important personalities that happened to be at Nicky’s wedding tagged along for the day trip to Guatape.

Hollywood director Jessy Terrero, music producer Maffio (both of Dominican descent) and Reggaeton artist De La Ghetto joined us on our daytime excursion to one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia.

For those of you unaware, Guatape is a small town that was flooded over 40 years ago in order to build a hydroelectric dam. The town is known not just for its rich history and man-made lake but also for a monolithic formation which is one of the country’s most discernible landmarks.

With over 700 stairs that tourists climb to behold a breathtaking view of the lake, Guatape and La Piedra del Peñol (Peñol Rock) is a day trip everyone should take when in Medellín.

Back to the story.

We took this group of celebrities to Guatape and knew that once we arrived, just the view from the monolith’s base would be enough motivation to have them climb up the stairs and reach the summit.

We take most clients to Guatape not just for the view but for the aquatic activities the town also offers. These guys coming from Miami didn’t really want to try out our jet-skis. Instead, we had our signature boat party and spent the day taking in the sights.

On the lake, Pablo Escobar had a luxury villa overlooking the lake and although the villa has seen better days, we still take clients to witness what billions of dollars back in the 80s would get you in Medellín.

Named, La Manuela (after his only daughter), the villa is now a restaurant where boats are parked and people pay an entrance to walk around and take pictures.

Partying with these guys out on the lake listening to great music, sipping back a cold Colombian brew really made Alex and the group of guys from New York think of their friends back home enduring 30 degree weather.

The trip back to Medellín was met with anticipation because Saturday nights in Medellín are not only spectacular but it was also going to be their last night in town.

At their apartment, at about 8pm, our pimped limo van pulled up waiting to take these guys out to dinner. Carmen Restaurant was once again on point and Saturday night in Medellín was under way.

Once dinner was wrapped up, the guys decide to take a nightlife tour of the city in their limo van so we proceeded in pre-gaming before heading over to the clubs.

Naturally, hanging with Medellín VIP the crew had VIPs everywhere so arriving early to the top clubs was not necessary. We instead had a party inside the limo while we toured the city and had a few hours to chill before heading over to the clubs.

We visited two top clubs in a trendy, upscale mall in Poblado before spending their last few hours in a few of our favorite gentlemen’s clubs. This is the type of strict itinerary our clients don’t mind following.

We’re sure that even celebrities go back home feeling the Medellín blues.

For over 7 years now, Medellín VIP has been catering to a wide array of clients from all over the world. From business personalities, to entrepreneurs and even a few sports stars, our company provides top of the line services in the city of eternal spring.

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