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Medellin Tours: Planning a Successful Trip to Medellin

Medellin Tours: Planning a Successful Trip to Medellin

Medellin Tours: Planning a Successful Trip to Medellin.

If you’re tired of vacationing in the same places and sick of resorts, chances are you’ve probably considered South America as one of your top destinations. Rio, Cartagena, Buenos Aires and Medellín have probably come to mind and if you’ve followed our articles and newsletters, Medellín tours should be at the top of that list.

Medellín, Colombia is not only unexplored by travelers but is also a place where for thousands of dollars less, you can have a weekend like no other and as the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group, our job is to help you experience #thatlife (that life of luxury) without being a millionaire. Allow us to walk you through the Medellin tours process.

Step 1: Dates and Guests

If you’re unclear of when to travel and the group is pretty flexible on dates, we recommend you check out this article: Medellín Travel, When is the Best Time to Visit?

The first part of us organizing a successful party experience in Medellín is ironing out the details of your travel dates and number of guests that will be accompanying you. The more specific you are about these details, the easier it will be for us to be aware of what’s going on during those dates.

Step 2: Accommodations

After you know how many people will be coming down and a tentative date of arrival we can proceed in booking your fully furnished penthouse. We only work with the best apartments so you can be sure that if you provide us with a good budget and some time to work, you’ll get a lavish apartment.

We always try to keep you close to where the action is so if your plan is to hit the ground running and be within walking distance to where all the restaurants and clubs are at, you won’t be disappointed.

Our main priority (after safety and comfort) is the overall vibe of the apartments we book for our guests. We know you’re here to have a good time and although many landlords are reluctant to rent out their apartments to tourists looking to throw parties, our apartments have very few restrictions so you can end up having more fun at your apartment than you possibly will at the club.

Step 3: Activities

After dates, guests and accommodations have been settled, you want to go ahead and plan out the itinerary for your trip.

Most of our guests usually come from Wednesday – Sunday or Thursday – Monday so subtracting the day of arrival and day of departure (the first is reserved for getting settled and checking out the town while the latter is getting ready to go) you usually have 3 solid days in Medellín that you can either use to hang out at the the apartment during the day and party at night, or you can have an adventure trip during the day and party Medellín style at night.

Pick the activities you feel you can’t do without, sure we can recommend activities (we have our favorites) but in the end, we’d rather give you a list and walk you through each so you can make your decision.


Signature Pool Parties: The true VIP experience in Medellín, a finca party (party up in the mountains at a villa) is a day trip where we book a luxury villa, rent a party bus and load it up with food and alcohol and head up to the mountains where you’ll party like a celebrity. Similar to a pool party in Vegas but with your friends and a view like no other.

Pablo Escobar City Tour: We take you across town, highlight historical landmarks and some teach you the history of the city. The tour is geared towards people interested in learning the truth about Pablo Escobar. Visit the house where he was born, places he lived, the cemetery where he’s buried and an inside view of what locals think of “El Capo”.

Guatape Excursion: Another great day trip, we take you up to Guatape, a small town outside of the city where you’ll be able to participate in aquatic activities such as jet-skiing and wake-boarding. We also have access to yachts and large boats for the always popular boat parties on the reservoir.

Helicopter Tours: The newest addition to the activities in Medellín roster, helicopter tours in Medellín is an exclusive and highly solicited service but it is the best way to cram in hours of seeing the city in 20 minutes.

Step 4: Concierge

If you arrive last minute without previously booking a package and have no idea what to do, we suggest a concierge for the duration of your stay. Not only will a concierge take you around to see the town but a concierge will also make sure you don’t waste a second in this city.

This place is not too big so if you want to see and hit all the best spots, 2-3 days is plenty of time to knock every item off your to do list and hit up the best restaurants in town. If you’re into a nocturnal activities, a concierge will also take you to the best bars and nightclubs which removes all the guesswork.

There you have it, planning your trip to Medellín is a matter of only 4 easy steps that when done properly is a foolproof formula to an amazing getaway at one of South America’s most beautiful cities.

Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your vacation one step at a time.



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