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Medellín Concierge Services: Do I really need a Guide in Medellín?

Medellín Concierge Services: Do I really need a Guide in Medellín?

Suppose you or a close friend are getting married soon and you’ve decided to come to Medellín to bid farewell to a much enjoyed single life. You made the right decision in choosing the city of eternal spring but there’s much more to visiting South America than internet forums and trip advisor.

Coming to Medellín for a bachelor party and being the one that organized it is more pressure than most people think. Not only did you manage to convince a group of guys to travel to South America who don’t speak the language but you’ve also got no idea how to keep them entertained nor time to research what’s going on during your stay. This creates a problem that will eventually manifest itself.

Being the party organizer/best man/ or just the guy that suggested Medellín means you have to have arguments that back up your proposal. You have to know where the best places to stay are, what places allow the guys to keep the party going til late, what the best clubs are and most importantly, how can you keep the bachelor happy. You’ve got big shoes to fill.. Luckily, we’re the orthopedic shoe that helps lessen the pressure and make your boys’ bachelor party one for the record books.

The City’s Premier Entertainment and Hospitality Group

Here at Medellín VIP we pride ourselves on walking our guests through an unforgettable Medellín experience. We do this on a variety of levels and it all begins with a simple Email or phone call that will give you all the information on Medellín you need to know.

Many clients sometimes bring up the question, “Do I really need Medellin Concierge Services? We can probably figure this stuff out on our own.” At which time we let them know that they’re right. You can do most of this stuff on your own and probably save some money but if you’re on a 4-day vacation with a group of guys who all want different things, you can’t afford not to have someone that gives you the scoop on what’s going on. You need a seeing eye dog, a wingman, a local who understands you and the city enough to take you to the places YOU want to go without walking into ten different bars first. With the internet, there are dozens of forums, websites and blogs that tell you what the best clubs are, what to stay clear of and where the action is. However, once you fly down and see how big this city really is and how outdated some of those forums are, you’ll need a helping hand, that’s us.

Take accommodations for instance, there are dozens of listings in the Poblado part of town, alone. How do you know which of these listings are party friendly, really what they’re cracked up to be and most importantly, which listing is real? Remember, an amazing apartment can make or break any Medellín trip because if the weather isn’t apt for nightlife, house parties will be clutch and with your very own vip host organizing logistics, you’re one step away from an unforgettable houseparty in a lavish apartment with a chef cooking up a BBQ, lots of liquor and anything else after that.

What does Medellín VIP offer and what’s the cost?

Glad you asked. Medellín VIP offers dozens of services and tours that make up tailored packages with your budget and convenience in mind. Our entry-level package is made up of transportation to and from the airport, a fully-furnished, party-safe apartment located in the Poblado part of town and a full-time host taking care of all the thinking for you through the entire trip. The cost of this basic package is relative and depends greatly on the number of guests attending and the budget for accommodations.

Why Choose us?

Medellín VIP believe it or not, isn’t exempt of competition. Companies and individuals that do what we do and aim to deliver top-notch service just as good as ours. We’re not worried about them, we know how we do business and know that of the 100+ clients we’ve had in the past few years, all but a few can say Medellín VIP was the catalyst that made for a Medellín experience like no other. With our team of always available and always willing staff, whether you book a whole weekend with us or a simple tour, we’ll provide just enough insight for you to create your Medellín experience.

Don’t take our word for it, though, browse over to our multiple 5-star Google reviews and you’ll see why we’re the best and why our custom-built packages and tours are second to none.

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