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Medellin Bachelor Party Planning Steps

Medellin Bachelor Party Planning Steps

As the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group, we want every Medellin bachelor party to be successful and epic. Regardless of whether or not you decide to take on the arduous and rather annoying approach of figuring things out on your own or if you’re smart and decide to let us do the planning for you, we want you to have a good time. That is why we’re prepared to give you a few tips to ensure your bachelor party in Medellin will go down not only flawlessly but you’ll have more fun than you possibly imagined.

Whether you’re the best man, most qualified to plan or the groom himself, the following tips we recommend you please keep in mind in the early stages of planning a Medellin bachelor party.

Give Yourself Enough Planning Time

The first tip we can give you to ensure the Medellin bachelor party you’re putting together is successful would be the lead time you give your friends and yourself to organize the whole thing. Impromptu activities are sometimes the most fun but will you really rely on a chance to have a good time thousands of miles away from home?

Medellin is a big city but the best places to stay are rather limited and knowing that everyone is looking to come down should be enough to have you worry about booking the best accommodations. Poblado is the preferred area for tourists and although there are hundreds of listings available, very few offer guests the possibility to hold parties at the property and even less offer the wow factor you’re looking for.

In order to ensure your group stays at the very best penthouses and villas, be sure to contact Medellin VIP as soon as you’ve chosen Medellin as your bachelor party destination.

Assemble your Team and Figure out a Budget

After you and the groom have chosen a Medellin Bachelor Party and you know at least a tentative date, the next step is to handpick the exclusive group of guys that will be accompanying you on this journey. Many travels with a small group of only 3 guys while many more elect the daring path of a group of 15+ guests. We recommend groups of less than 10 because this way it’s easier to get into nightclubs, commuting and group activities will be a lot more meaningful.

Next, it is important to figure out a budget (per person) for this trip. It is important to mention that these two items go hand in hand because not everyone can afford to spend the same amount. Which means selecting a group of guys that will all get along and that can all afford the trip will be crucial.

When is the best Times to fly down?

See here Medellin Travel, When is the Best time to Visit?

Have the Bachelor Party at least 3 months before the Wedding

Arriving at your own wedding depressed because you still have the Medellin blues is not a good way to get there. Those won’t be tears of joy and your best man will know it. Ok, this might be hyperbole but there really is no plus side to having your bachelor party so close to your wedding date. Instead, opt for having it a few months in advance, that way, you and your boys can go all out during your Medellín bachelor party weekend and be ready to go for another fun weekend weeks after at your wedding.

Let Medellin VIP Steer you in the right Direction

By the time you get to this tip you’ll probably already have done enough research to know this is going to be a pain to plan successfully. Too many details that will make or break your trip and there are too many people relying on you to have this trip be epic. Why not leave the heavy lifting to a company that knows logistics and entertainment in Medellin like no other? Give us enough lead time and we’ll work with you from step 1. We’ll get you that lavish penthouse, we’ll send you a VIP host that will make sure you only hit up the best places and spend every minute of the day entertained and we’ll take you to the city’s best clubs where all you have to do is have fun.

Too many people come out here not knowing what to do, which is normal but don’t waste a day or two out of your 4-day weekend figuring out what to do.

Don’t Waste time with Guesswork

To reiterate on our last tip, many of our clients are groups of guys who want to figure things out on their own, explore and say they stumbled upon their own amazing Medellin experience. This is rarely the case. You need someone who is up-to-date with the best places to party and not just that but someone who will recommend and plan things for your group during the day. You need a local that knows how you think and what you want. Someone to anticipate your next move and someone that always has a backup plan.

Once you’ve secured flights, handpicked attendees, figured out a budget and left the work to Medellin VIP, you’re ready to learn about what’s in store for your group. What will you get out of the package you booked with us? What can you expect from a weekend as Medellin VIP’s guests? On our blog page, we have dozens of articles that are written accounts of the client’s experiences with us. From celebrities to large groups at our signature villa parties, check out our blog and learn why Medellin VIP makes every Medellin Bachelor Party a lot easier and fun.


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