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Medellin Apartments: Where to Stay in Medellin

Medellin Apartments: Where to Stay in Medellin

There’s nothing worse than coming to Medellin for a bachelor party and choosing to stay at a hotel. Nothing against the fine hotels found in the Poblado neighborhood but hotels have restrictions and restrictions are a problem when you don’t want to be judged and just want to have a good time. For that reason, in the next article, we will be explaining you Medellin Apartments: Where to Stay in Medellin. 

Big groups need to stay in an isolated area where they won’t disrupt neighbors or draw too much attention to themselves. For that reason, Medellin VIP has the perfect venue where an all-inclusive package with no surprises and few restrictions will make everyone’s life easier. Interested?

Introducing our Palatial 7-bedroom House with Pool and Jacuzzi, this lavish estate is a single-family house (a rarity in Medellin) with multiple beds, a large fully equipped kitchen, 8-hour housekeeping service, pool, 12 person Jacuzzi and a lounge area.

Why Stay Here?

A bachelor party in Medellin is a trip that only occurs once because I seriously doubt you can get away with a second trip. For that reason you have to go all out the first time and staying at a place where neighbors won’t bug you is key. Its thick walls and locked doors allow it so noise won’t be an issue and the dark fence surrounding the estate make it impossible for pedestrians to peak into your business.

Many guests aspire a high rise penthouse apartment with a terrific view but with the city cracking down on Airbnb listings located in such buildings, reserving these places in advance might find you arriving at a place with a sealed sign from the mayor’s office. As we speak, the neighborhood of El Poblado is shutting down more and more places due to noise complaints from neighbors, raids that have found underage girls and a handful of other crimes that could have easily been avoided if you were to listen to guidance from the experts. Bypass this hassle and secure yourself a sure-thing.

With maid service, AC, great internet, a huge pool, sauna, and jacuzzi, there are very few places that come close to this 7 bedroom option.

Past Experiences

Mexican, Indian, Vietnamese, Filipino are just some of the bachelor party groups we’ve had at this place not counting a few groups of wall street brokers that danced with the devil here. They all share the same opinion, “this place is amazing, everything is brought to you and going out becomes a drag when expectations are exceeded just by being here”.


Playing host to a big group where there are 10+ voices are yelling out simultaneously has been the most challenging task that has been put in our hands but with the help of the staff at this place, your best trip will be your next trip to Medellin.

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