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How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Medellin

How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Medellin

Bachelor parties often have a negative connotation to women mainly because the central theme behind them is the groomsmen corrupting the groom. Whether or not it happens in all bachelor parties is an enigma but despite opposition, a bachelor party is a rite of passage in every man’s life and a great way to bid farewell to the single life. A bachelor party in Medellin? To sum up in one word, incredible. From great weather, fun outdoor activities to legendary nightlife, Medellin is the perfect city for one last bout with the boys.

Bachelor Parties in Medellin

If you’re unaware of how to even begin to plan a bachelor party in Medellin, allow us to be of some assistance.

Part 1


A bachelor party should never, ever be planned by the groom. Reason being, the groom is the guest of honor and the reason why everyone is gathered here in Medellin. So if you’re a good friend of the groom and have great organizational skills, we suggest you take the wheel and contact Medellin VIP for more information on bachelor parties Medellin. For those who feel they have it under control here is a checklist.

  • Choose a Date– Now that you’ve decided to have a bachelor party in Medellin the first step is to gather your friends and the groom and think of a date. Being the the event will be in Medellin, make sure everyone has a free weekend and is ok with booking a flight down here. Medellin’s busiest most expensive months of the year are August and December. August is the month that sees Medellin’s annual flower festival (thousands come down so hotels and apartment prices go up) and December is big because the city decorates its parks and river with spectacular Christmas lights. It’s really something to see but swarming with people and tourists. If what you want is something low-profile we suggest you avoid those two months.
  • Invitees– A conventional bachelor party is attended by the groom’s best friends and close family members. Make sure everyone gets along and the groom approves of the guest list.
  • Pick the Type of Accommodation– Medellin has different options when it comes to accommodations. Great 5 star hotels, amazing penthouse suites for a fraction of what you would pay in the US and the year round springtime weather allows us to offer great vacation homes located just outside the city. Regardless of how long you’re going to stay we suggest you spend a day or so at one of these vacation homes. The reason being, its usually a villa with a large pool, pool tables and sauna. The perfect way to enjoy picturesque scenery and spend quality time with the boys. We suggest you book your accommodation in the Poblado sector of Medellin (the city’s best area) and have the actual party at a vacation home.

  • Budget– Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any party is the money. Colombia is known for being cheap to Americans and with the dollar slowly getting stronger, now is as good a time as any to fly down to the city of eternal spring. Talk to the rest of the guys and plan out a budget and see if everyone is ok with it. Think of accommodation, flights, concierge and expenses.

Medellin is a great city and a great place for bachelor parties and weekend getaways. If you wish to learn more about bachelor parties in Medellin or Medellin VIP and our packages, be sure to contact us today.


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