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How to Choose the Right Accommodations in Medellin

How to Choose the Right Accommodations in Medellin

When planning any trip, the first and most important part is researching the area where you’re going to be spending the majority of your time. If you’re planning a trip to Medellín, you will most likely want to stay in the Poblado sector of the city. This part of town is not only the safest sector but also has the nicest hotels, apartments, not to mention all the good nightlife.

You then want to think about whether you want to stay at a hotel, book a luxury penthouse or classic modern apartment. If you opt for the hotel you know you’ll have breakfast secured, you’ll have someone cleaning up after you and you’ll be comfortable but if you book a lavish penthouse you’ll have an amazing experience.

Hotels are cool for solo travelers or small families looking for a very chill ambiance but if you’re a group of 2 guys or more, your best bet would be to let us hook you up with large penthouse, right in the heart of the Poblado area. Some of our listings have amenities such as a turkish baths, jacuzzis, amazing views, 24/7 security and we even have villas just outside of town with large pools and soccer fields.

A lavish penthouse may also run you significantly cheaper, too. Depending on how many people and how many nights, you might be able to book some of the best places in town for under $200.00 a night per person but i’m talking about top of the line duplexes walking distance from where you need to be.

After you’ve decided on what type of accommodations in Medellín, you will then need to discuss with the group the budget for the trip and what chunk of that budget (per person) will you want to designate for accommodations.

Once you have the budget determined for your accommodations you then want to determine whether or not your apartment will be used to party, or will you just use it to sleep. Reason being, there are many apartments in the Poblado sector of town but not all of them allow for you to have houseguests (people outside of the original group) stay over, house parties and even load chatter after 10pm! This is why you need us to provide you with insight as to what apartments allow you to have a crazy house-party with no restrictions!

So to summarize, regardless of what kind of accommodations you’ll be booking, keep these points in mind.

  • Make sure you book in the El Poblado area of town (the closer to Parque Lleras, the better)
  • Choose between a hotel, lavish penthouse or cozy apartment
  • Determine your budget for accommodations and make sure everyone is on board
  • Talk to the group about house parties/house guests and whether or not they’re a priority
  • Hit us up for advice on which properties are the best way to go.

As experts in the field of entertainment in Medellín, we are your source for all sorts of tourist advice. Don’t just book any apartment and don’t just book the most affordable option, hit us up today and we’ll guarantee your Medellín vacation will be unforgettable, we guarantee it.


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