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Helicopter Tours in Medellin

Helicopter Tours in Medellin

While many are struggling with traffic and looking for ways to avoid arduously long city tours, Medellín VIP found the one short cut to a safe and fun Medellín City Tour.

Not recommended for those with acrophobia, Helicopter Tours in Medellín is the best way to enjoy the city’s spectacular scenery at a fraction of the time. Just 20 minutes of flying will have you tour 50 kilometers.

Medellín Helicopter Tours

A Medellín City Tour is currently synonymous with traffic, long wait times and tons and tons of motorcycles. Granted, these conventional tours have their value; street vendors selling exotic fruits and beautiful women walking to and fro but for those who don’t mind skipping these items, a helicopter tour around the city is fast, fun and definitely an adventure.

A Medellín Helicopter Tour for all Sizes

At Medellín VIP we offer two different types of city tours by chopper: Private and shared. Our shared tours allow our clients to take our urban routes while accompanied by other guests looking for the same experience. If you’re part of a bigger group and wish to have the experience limited only to the number of people you’re with, our private tours allow just that, a chopper for just your group (up to 6 people depending on weight).

Themed Tours for Special Occasions

If an aerial city tour of Medellín weren’t enough, we also want to add options to make your stay even more memorable. For those looking to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and even looking to propose, we have the perfect afternoon plan to ensure that special someone will have a day they won’t soon forget.

Birthdays – Let us celebrate your birthday in style with our urban city tour coupled with a special birthday cake, unedited pictures of the afternoon and a special birthday card from us to you.

Anniversaries – Lately, Medellín has seen a surge in couples taking romantic vacations in search of a memorable Medellín experience. If you’re down here with your spouse and want to spend a romantic afternoon, why not consider one of our helicopter tours? Share with us your idea for a memorable experience and we’ll provide a bottle of wine, assortment of cheeses and special, congratulatory card along with pictures of the afternoon.

Wedding Proposals – Our classic urban tour, only this time we also include a large banner with the phrase of your choosing that will render him/her speechless. Add a bouquet of roses, bottle of wine, congratulatory card and pictures of the magical afternoon.

Helicopter Tours to Napoles

After watching Narcos on Netflix, every group of guys feels the need to come to Medellín and retrace Pablito’s steps. You’ve been to the cemetery, house where he was shot and Monaco building but for the die-hard Narcos fan that wishes to go the extra mile, have to go to La Hacienda Napoles.

Pablo’s estate is the one place many want to go but cannot endure the 3.5 hour drive. Why not skip the drive altogether and take a short 45-minute trip via chopper? Just 45 minutes gets you to the former home of the world’s most infamous kingpin. Hurry up and take advantage of this place because the government plans to turn it into a waterpark, lame.

In addition to our special helicopter tours within the city and Hacienda Napoles, we also have tours to Guatape, religious tours, coffee tours and our renowned pilot for a day tour where we give you a crash course (poor choice of words, I know) in Helicopters and how they work.


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