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Frequently Asked Questions Among Medellin Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions Among Medellin Visitors

Many of our email newsletter subscribers are either contemplating the idea of visiting the city of eternal spring or have already been. Regardless of your current affiliation to Medellin, at one point or another, you were skeptical about a trip to Colombia.

A lot of you are probably hearing or heard, “be careful out there, the cartels kidnap people” and were hinted that a trip down here isn’t the best idea. You’ve read multiple articles written by major newspapers, magazines and websites speaking wonders of this city and it’s people yet you can’t get the headline, “Most Dangerous City in the World – 1993” out of your head. You’re not alone.

There is the more negative talk on Medellin than positive but ironically, the people that have never visited are the ones with the most to say. Here are a few frequently asked questions, answered by some of our clients.

What are the Benefits of Using your Company?

What Kind of Clients do you Cater to?

Do you Guys just do Bachelor Parties and Guys’ Trips?

Why Should we Choose you?

Our mission as the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group is to bury the hatchet and raise awareness for this one-of-a-kind city. We plan to do this one client at a time, be it bachelor parties, real estate trips, business ventures or family vacations, we do it all. Just check out this killer review.


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