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Flying in Style: Helicopter Services in Medellin

Flying in Style: Helicopter Services in Medellin

Have you ever been to Medellín? If you have, you know how tedious the drive down from the Jose Maria Cordova International Airport can be. Trust us, we know what you mean.

We thought this drive down was inevitable and picking up clients at the airport would always require that 40-60 minute drive that for first timers might be fine, for but executives coming down a few times a year, can get old. For that reason, after a bit of research we discovered a quicker, better alternative.

Helicopter Services in Medellín

Medellín VIP recently met up with a new company in the city that offers helicopter services in Medellin from the Jose Maria Cordova Airport in Rionegro to the Olaya Herrera Airport right in Belen. An hour drive, (possibly more with recent traffic jams this year) basically cut to a 10 minute chopper ride that will not only be quicker but also more luxurious, not to mention fun.

Helicopters in Medellin

Picture this, you get off at the airport in Rionegro and instead of us bringing you down to the city in a luxury Mercedes-Benz sprinter or classic van, we’ll head over to the heliport in Rionegro and there we’ll have a Bell 206 L3 chopper waiting for us to arrive and begin our ascent.

Our Experience

We tested the service out a few weeks ago and it was an amazing ride down starting from the service onboard making us feel secure (one of our staff members almost didn’t go through with it) to the view underneath us. Picture the view you’ve witnessed, be it from one of the penthouses you’ve stayed at or spectacular villas we’ve provided you with and these don’t even come close to being thousands of feet up in the air and beholding the mountains and the valley.

Suspended up in the air, thousands of feet and cutting your travel time by 83% makes this sort of airport transportation ideal for multiple reasons. We see this as an opportunity for people here on business looking for a more elite sort of travel. However, we also see it as an opportunity for small families on vacation or if you’re here on your anniversary and want to impress your girlfriend or spouse.

Why Choose Helicopter Transportation?

We thought you’d never ask. Helicopter transportation cuts time to a fraction, is fun and you will get the chance to take pictures that we guarantee most will not have. The best news is, you can go back home saying how great Medellín was and that for just a few dollars more you saw the city in minutes as opposed to hours.
Helicopters in Medellin

What’s Next?

In this fast paced world where time is of the essence (even on vacation) we need to know that we can get as much vacation time as possible. As your eyes and ears in Medellín we want you to do everything on the must see and do list in Medellín and thanks to this new helicopter transportation service, you can also visit other towns in record times. Visit Guatape (home of the large rock many of you thought was too far) by chopper and get there in under 20 minutes.

Guatape Trips


Helicopter transportation in Medellín is actually quite cost effective considering the time you save by using it. Starting at $100.00 per person (including transportation from the local airport to your apartment) you can enjoy this new type of airport transportation method and all of the convenience and excitement it entails.

In order to book the chopper and reserve your seat, we will require payment in full. Please note, the chopper will be dropping you off at the smaller, Olaya Herrera Airport right in Medellín located 10 minutes from the Poblado area where you will be staying.

To book this service or to learn more about getting around in Medellín, please contact us via phone directly (877) 562-4913 or you can email us at info@u429764370-medellinvip-net.hostingerapp.com.


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