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What are Finca Parties and what Makes them so Special?

What are Finca Parties and what Makes them so Special?

If you’ve only just recently discovered our blog, you’ve probably heard the term “Finca parties” thrown around more than once. We mention them on nearly all of our blog posts and you might be asking yourself, “what’s a finca and why do they offer this option to everyone they talk to?”. The answer is quite simple because they’re awesome.

Finca is the Spanish word for estate and, it actually refers to a piece of land usually located outside of the city, in layman’s terms, villas. The owners of these fincas are basically wealthy that rent them out to them and are used for leisure time with family. Medellín VIP, however, takes a different approach and uses this fincas to provide you with a day trip you won’t soon forget.

Finca Party Outline

When we have groups of bachelors with little time on their hands yet wish to have a true VIP experience while being pampered. They usually contact us for our finca parties. Organizing logistics is the first step, this process includes renting out the finca usually located about an hour outside of the city of Medellín. We then talk to our chef to provide us with a detailed menu which includes hors d’ oeuvres, a main course that’s made up of both chicken and steak along with potatoes and a side salad. We also organize transportation to and from, pre-stock the finca’s fridge with alcohol, invite a few friends over, hire a DJ with light shows and send over a concierge to make sure everything is in place. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to ask about our masseuses and private massages.

Why Book a Finca Party?

The best activity in Medellín is a finca party because it is considered for bachelor parties and it is in no small part thanks to the fact that it isn’t available to the general public. Not every company has the contacts or handles the logistics to orchestrate said activity which makes it more exclusive. Another reason why we deem it as the #1 activity in Medellín is that it makes your average hard-working group of bachelors feel like rappers and rock stars (even if it’s just for a day). While the friends that didn’t want to come to your bachelor party, they are stuck in the North East enduring what seems to be another incredibly cold winter, you’re down here in tropical Medellín, sipping back Hennessy poolside with a stunning view of the Andes mountains while you watch some of your friends get a deep tissue massage, others in the living room getting drunk, eating hot wings and listening to mixes by our DJ. It’s definitely going to be the central point of any bachelor party and the wow factor that will usher in the desire to want to not just return to Medellín but to retire here.

How much is a Finca Party?

Finca parties are without a doubt the priciest activity on our activities list but the exact cost depends on the number of people that will be assisting, the type/size of finca and the add-ons we provide. Every one of the services can be upgraded or downgraded to make sure we cater to every and all budgets. Our VIP service includes transportation to the finca on a limo bus, gourmet meals by a team of chefs, a bartender serving up all sorts of different concoctions, a larger more exclusive more luxurious finca, two masseuses on the clock with full-equipment ready to pamper you, DJ with light show and a view that’s worth a thousand words in its own.

If you’re interested in learning more about finca parties or have more specific questions, be sure you contact us today.



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