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Epic Bachelor Parties in Medellin now have a Venue

Epic Bachelor Parties in Medellin now have a Venue.

Are you looking for the ultimate vacation venue in the city of eternal spring? An apartment where similar to a resort, everything will be taken care of so you won’t have to leave the complex? Pay close attention because we may have found your dream apartment rental in Medellin.

Introducing the newest addition to our accommodations in Medellin roster, this massive 11,000 sq. foot apartment in El Poblado is our answer to clients looking to splurge on a weekend in paradise.

Penthouses in Medellin

Clients contact us asking the not-so-simple question of “Where is the best place to stay in Medellin?” At which point we narrow down options in terms of budget and requirements. For those with a flexible budget, looking for discretion and luxury, let us present to you this 6-Bedroom Palace with Indoor Pool.This small resort for 6 up in the hills of El Poblado, Medellin.

Exclusivity, luxury and leisure all come in the form of this 6 bedroom palace with indoor pool. It is strategically located up in the hills of El Poblado and has every amenity to ensure you don’t even have to leave your apartment for the weekend.

Why Stay at this Place?

Smaller groups will love this place due to the large pool, luxury Jacuzzi, wet & dry saunas, high ceilings, large living room area, pool table and basketball court in the complex.

On top of these perks, we also include a housekeeper, driver and full time live-in concierge. These add-ons will make your trip to Medellin not only more discrete but more fun.

The days of booking a flat and doing last-minute research on the city is done. With Medellin VIP you get a dope apartment with 5-star resort amenities, round the clock security and a point person steering you in the right direction. Perfect for groups looking to cram a lot into a 3-day weekend in Paradise.

How does it Compare to its Competitors?

Right off the bat, if your group is here on a tight budget, don’t care too much about where you’re staying or don’t mind cramming 14 people in a 5 bedroom apartment, this place is not for you.

However, if you appreciate architecture, high-ceilings, don’t mind spending a little extra for a pool, sauna and are looking for the help of a point-person, we recommend this lavish 6-bedroom palace w/Indoor Pool.

Competitors include penthouses in Provenza or mansions high up in the mountains. Both alternatives are great but many of these places don’t provide half of the amenities (not to mention aren’t discrete) that our 6-bedroom apartment does.

The only risk of staying at this place is never wanting to leave.


This place has been around for a while and those who have had the pleasure of staying here will verify that these pictures don’t do it justice. The large, comfortable bedrooms, spacious lounge area, and private pool section with glass windows overlooking Poblado makes this place a bachelor party fortress where leaving the house is not necessary for an epic Medellin experience.

Contact us today for additional details and pricing.

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