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Clubbing in Medellin: A Medellin VIP Guide

Clubbing in Medellin: A Medellin VIP Guide

Clubbing in Medellin: A Medellin VIP Guide

When it comes to bar and club-hopping outside the US, there are many places that either do it for you or just plain and simple, don’t. Medellin has always been known for beautiful women and uncharted lands but has been virtually unknown for travelers who prefer the party side of traveling.

Last week, we spoke about the very exclusive, very VIP style of travel in Medellin which is helicopter transportation. This week, after multiple emails from potential travelers, we want to answer the question on every traveler’s’ mind, “Clubbing in Medellin, what’s it like?”

Clubbing in Medellin

If you come to Medellin expecting one huge party town like Vegas, Miami or Montreal, you might need to reevaluate your trip. Medellin has dozens of great bars and nightclubs, not to mention a cornucopia of beautiful eligible women, but lacks the day clubs and party atmosphere that lure millions to Vegas and Miami. However, the bars, nightclubs and overall ambiance felt once Thursday night hits, leaves nothing to the imagination.

Everyone dances in Medellín and at 90% of nightclubs the music played is reggaeton, salsa, merengue and bachata so we recommend you brush up on your dancing skills as dancing is the easiest way to interact with people.

Where are the best places to Party in Medellin?

Parque Lleras is a large park named after a well-known banker in the early 20th century and is currently synonymous with nightlife, great restaurants and is the place to be for all things party. There are nightclubs for every budget and the great thing about Parque Lleras is, you’ll see a wide range of people from all social statuses interacting and partying at the very clubs that light up this action-packed sector. A couple of the area’s best nightclubs are: La Ruana de Juana (traditional Colombian decor and staff in colonial attire make this place popular among locals) and Club Gusto (a relatively new European like nightclub that’s been a hit since its inception only a year ago). If you wish to have an insider’s Parque Lleras experience, why not hit us up for our Medellin VIP Nightlife Tour.

Another popular location for great bars and nightclubs is the newly renovated Rio Sur Shopping Center. Located on the Milla de Oro (or Golden Mile Street), Rio Sur by day is a shopping center, but once the sun sets, the half dozen premier nightclubs open and you have yourself the city’s most popular place for Medellin’s upper class. With nightclubs such as Kukaramakara and Sixtinna at the helm, Rio Sur lights up and is a can’t miss if you wish to party with a more elite group of people.

Last but not least, there is a fairly long strip (you’ll see it on the way down from the airport) known as Las Palmas (Palms Avenue). Las Palmas has tons of bars and nightclubs which lure both locals and tourists alike. Here you’ll find The Hall (a large venue usually reserved for EDM and Reggaeton concerts) and Dulce Jesus Mio which is a very oddly themed nightclub that i’m sure you’ll never forget. Dulce Jesus Mio (which translates to My Sweet Jesus) is decorated with pop culture memorabilia you’ll probably find at creepy yard sales where horror movies begin. The staff are all themed to represent a classic Colombian town. There’s a midget dressed in baby clothing, the town drunk, the town priest and the town hooker.

When are the best days to go out?

As we previously stated, don’t expect much to be going on during the earlier days of the week but if you find yourself in the city for a long weekend, you will not be disappointed by the number of packed nightclubs in Parque Lleras. Thursdays is ladies night at most nightclubs and you’ll also find that many of these nightclubs have an open bar on Thursdays. Pay a small fee of no more than $20 and you’ll have all you can drink beers, vodka or Medellín Rum.

On Fridays your best bet will probably be Parque Lleras as it is the headquarters for most of the city’s restaurants, nightclubs and pubs for a pre-game trip. There is always a big event going on Saturdays so let us know the type of music your group is into and we’ll be sure to provide you with insight as to what is going on and where.

Why Medellin?

If you wish to travel to a place where you can really get the sense of being away from the hustle and bustle of American life, Medellin will most certainly be that place. The nightlife may not be as legendary as Miami or Las Vegas but this city is growing and quickly becoming the place for adventure seekers to discover that not everything has to be work (like we’re used to in America) and that vacation shouldn’t be about sitting around in a resort, vacation should be about exploring.

If you wish to learn more about Medellin Nightlife or how you will have the time of your life in a city virtually unknown, be sure to hit us up today. You won’t regret it.


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