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Celebrate an Epic Birthday Weekend in Medellin this Summer 2019

Celebrate an Epic Birthday Weekend in Medellin this Summer 2019

Celebrate an Epic Birthday Weekend in Medellín this Summer 2019

When you think of guys’ trips involving married men, you think underground fantasy baseball and fishing trips. As fun as these are, you deserve a real vacation at least once a year. A trip involving stepping away from the known and getting your feet wet into the unknown, new and fun.

A few of your friends are about to turn 40 and this is the perfect time to get the gang together for something epic. You see an ad on Facebook that speaks about Medellín and you have a buddy who visited Medellin who can’t stop talking about it.

You’re in charge of setting something up for a group trip but have no idea of where to start. You’ve come to the right place.

Why Medellín, Colombia?

It was beat generation writer, Jack Kerouac who said, “all of life is a foreign country”. So if this quote is any indication, vacation time will always have something to teach you. Colombia (I say this before it gets infested with Starbucks and Taco Bells) is truly a magical country and Medellín, its second largest city can be paradise on earth.

Medellin is a 3-hour flight from Miami and with average yearly temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It won’t take long to get accustomed to the weather. The city is also nestled in the Aburra Valley making views something out of this world. It’s crazy that more people don’t want to live here but perks such as weather and views are tertiary items in the grand scheme of an epic birthday party weekend.

Bachelor Party Themed Birthday Parties in Medellin

Birthday parties in Medellin have no limits on what you can do and with the dollar being the strongest it’s been in 5 years. Reaching baller status in Medellin is almost instant.

First, you need to try and lock in dates where all of the invitees (keep it within 5-12 people for logistical purposes) are free off work. Once this is done, we will find you a party-friendly villa just outside of the main nightlife area. We will provide you with 2-5 options all ranging in styles, sizes and amenities but with a common denominator of “party-friendly” added to its description. A luxury villa with a pool, view, security, butler and maid service start at $1,300 per night.

Once a house is in place, our groups are eager to put the weekend together in terms of activities. For a 4 day trip most group’s of 5-15 guests will reserve the following:

For a package including all of the items above you’re looking to spend anywhere between $900-$1200 per person which is really nothing when you factor in how much a table is at a Vegas nightclub.

As the party-planner for a trip to Medellin, what would you like to see on an itinerary made for your friends?

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