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Best Places to Stay in Medellin for Single Travelers

Best Places to Stay in Medellin for Single Travelers

People that visit Medellin are usually well-traveled individuals that want to explore and not sit around waiting for others.

The idea of idle time during the day is a no-go and big groups tend to do just that. There’s always a few members that take longer to get ready and adventurous travelers like to start the day early.

For that reason Medellin VIP wants to provide single travelers and small groups with the best places to stay in Medellin.

Beautiful 1-Bedroom Studio with Huge Balcony

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Single travelers or a couple will love this 1 bedroom property located in the upscale neighborhood of El Poblado.

Just a 5 minute Uber drive separates Parque Lleras from this stunning building making it not only safe but also easy to reach. With multiple convenience stores, fast food establishments and coffee shops in the area, everything you need is just footsteps away.

The apartment itself has a comfortable living room with a modern design, a projector and large screen, a king sized bed and a fully equipped kitchen. However, the real perks of this apartment is found on the balcony. A wrap-around balcony with amazing view of El Poblado. It features a lounge area which is perfect for a afternoon nap or to catch up on your reading.

The building has 24/7 security checking IDs and bringing in guests will be a breeze. You also have access to a pool on the roof as well as gym if you do have some idle time.

2-Bedroom w/Sumptuous Decor and Panoramic View

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This apartment boasts high-speed internet, great ventilation and modern finishes. All of that coupled with a pool table and jacuzzi on its balcony makes this place a favorite among our small groups.

Upon entering the apartment, you’ll instantly see the huge balcony that goes around most of the apartment, the stunning finishes and the jacuzzi. You also have a fully-equipped kitchen and a spectacular 17th floor view.

Also located just 5 minutes by car away from Parque Lleras, you’re close enough to action to no waste any time but far enough to be able to sleep without complaining about noise. Perfect for those that want to get away but still get work done, don’t overlook this stunning 2 bedroom.

Any of these two places will surely allow you to see the best Medellin has to offer during the day and enjoy its nightlife without all of the noise.

Which of these two properties do you prefer?

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