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Best Hotels in Medellin

Best Hotels in Medellin

Medellín in the past two years, has been a city with a growing number of tourists and an increasing number of hotels. This not only means the city is on the right path to bring in even more tourists but it also means, the city is going to blow up.

If you’re coming down to Medellín or at least thinking about it, you will get mixed responses as far as accommodations. Some will say the best option is a fully-furnished apartment (and by some, I mean most) while a few will recommend a hotel where not only will breakfast be taken care of but also room service and convenience take center stage.

Before we begin, we want to clear up that we are by no means in favor of staying at a hotel in Medellín. It’s not that they’re not good, on the contrary, we have a couple of hotels that are sure to impress but the idea of limited privacy is too much for us.

However, certain situations (solo travel and vacationing with children) do require giving a hotel room a second glance. So what are the best hotels in Medellín? Check out our take on our top 3 most popular hotels.

Hotel Diez Categoria Colombia

First on our list is Hotel Diez which was completed about 5 years ago and features a wide array of amenities that will help improve your Medellín experience. Each floor is set up to depict a specific region of the country and even the rooms are decorated with art and paintings of that region.

It’s located about 5 blocks from Parque Lleras and not only is the area safe but it’s only a block away from the Provenza and Via Jardin strip which hold the city’s best restaurants and pastry shops.

The 5-star hotel has a pool on the terrace and spa area for deep relaxation and massages by experts.

I’d consider this hotel better suited for families and couple retreats because of the general feel of an ambiance created for bonding. Not recommended as much for groups of bachelors and groups looking for nighttime excursions. Not to mention they reserve their right to admission for overnight guests and also charge a fee if you have a female guest come over.

Hotel Park 10

Similar to the Hotel Diez, the Park 10 is located 5 blocks from Parque Lleras and if you’re looking for comfort and tranquility (in an area you didn’t think you’d get any) this might be the best hotel in Medellin. I appreciate classic decoration and the Park 10 looks like a smaller Ritz Carlton in a more tranquil area. Close enough to the action-packed Parque Lleras but far from the noise.

The Park 10 is also a 5-star hotel that tends to keep more of a low profile due it being more hidden than the other two hotels on this list but that doesn’t take away merit from it’s luxury, friendly, knowledgeable staff and great restaurant.

This hotel I’d say is also more for a different crowd than that of a bachelor party setting due to it’s business vibe. They will not tolerate late night debauchery or noise (or all of the other good stuff) so avoid this hotel if you’re looking to come down with a group of guys for bachelor party gathering.

The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel

The city’s most popular hotel for the wealthy, The Charlee is located smack dab in the middle of Parque Lleras. Ideal hotel for group travellers looking to embark on more nighttime adventures than anything else, The Charlee is the perfect combination of a luxury hotel with wide range of guests. From families with children to single guys looking to party.

If you don’t mind the noise of late night partying on the street below or conversations in elevators with fellow tourists (some people hate bonding in elevators with people of their own kind) The Charlee might be the best hotel in Medellin for you. With a rooftop bar with a pool, amazing view and sushi bar on the 18th floor, this is the preferred hotel of tourists looking for luxury and convenience and aren’t afraid to spend a little. With suites starting from $150 a night to $400, the Charlee is not cheap but it will do the trick for solo travelers.

Accommodations in Medellín

A lot of you are probably wondering why we don’t speak in favor of hotels and the short answer is hotels hinder you from doing a lot of things. Hotels are good because you get the convenience of not having to worry about breakfast, having a clean room or even ordering dinner but in the comfort of your own apartment the level of privacy you get is different. You might have to wake up and scramble your own eggs and make your bed but if you have a lady friend with you, you don’t have to worry about paying a visitors’ fee at your apartment and you can avoid awkward stares in the elevator when children walk in asking how you got pinkeye.


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