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Back to Medellin: Benefits of Being a VIP Returning Customer

Back to Medellin: Benefits of Being a VIP Returning Customer

Are you back home still thinking about your Medellín vacation and unable to get over the life you led in just 3 days here in Medellín? If you are, we might have the news you were waiting to hear.

Medellín VIP takes pride in being the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group but we know that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the dozens of satisfied clients we’ve had this year alone. For that reason we want to give back to all of our clients with our rewards program (yeah, that’s right, a rewards program).

Medellín VIP Rewards Program

Hey, if Boloco (tacky burrito restaurant) has one, why can’t we? Our goal is to have a long list of clients that are eager to make it back but haven’t really gotten the opportunity to. We know many of you are caught up with work and your families so you can’t really make it down here too soon, but we want you to know that our doors are always open and that there are certain perks of being a returning customer.

Now, you’re probably not going to come back by yourself. You most definitely want to show your dubious friends and colleagues that all of the crazy stories were in fact true and they will see for themselves. Our rewards program is simple, you come back with a second group and you will basically get all of our services, which include: accommodations, concierge, airport transportation and an assortment of other services, at cost. That means, we will help you get everything you will normally get, but at a fraction of what you paid last time. To put it simply, the most expensive part of your second trip to Medellín will be having a decent alibi or excuse as to why you’ll be gone for the weekend.

Perks of this Program

If you still think this won’t be much of a money saver, let’s put the idea into perspective. On your next visit to Medellín suppose you want to do more activities, activities that were perhaps outside of your budget. Take helicopter trips to Guatape for instance, this is one of the most expensive services we offer because it’s both luxurious and quick (the drive to Guatape is 2 hours while a helicopter ride is a mere 15 minutes). With the money you save on apartments, concierge and airport transportation, you may use that money towards living the Medellín Experience you didn’t have time or couldn’t afford to live. Sound good?

But wait, there’s more, as a Medellín VIP returning customer, you will also receive a complimentary Medellin city tour or real estate tour. Go home not just having visited the Parque Lleras area and the local watering hole (Hooters) but really go back sharing wonderful stories on when the city was founded, the architecture and the one sure alibi you’ll have if you want to return a few times per year (property purchase and rentals).

Be sure to contact us today to learn more about our Reward’s Program and save hundreds on your next trip to Medellin!


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