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Bachelor Party 2017: Why Medellin is the place to be Before Walking the Plank

Bachelor Party 2017: Why Medellin is the place to be Before Walking the Plank

Walking the plank is a popular euphemism for getting married and is quite accurate considering that if you are a party person; your life will never be the same again. For that reason, many cities in the world make it their business to provide soon to be married men the chance to bid farewell to the single life in their city. Scottsdale, AZ is known for its golf courses, Vegas for its casinos and lavish parties, Bangkok for its overall degeneracy and low costs and now we have Medellin, Colombia famous for its hot women, springtime weather year-round and epic parties.

Medellin is a city nestled between the Andes Mountains and home to about 2 million people. Known for its women, weather and people, “Medallo” has recently seen hundreds of single guys come down here to explore the city’s nightlife and party with the most beautiful women in the world. It may not have the global recognition that Las Vegas has garnered over the years but the following are strong arguments as to why Medellin needs to be the venue for your bachelor party.


For many this might not be an issue but what about your guests? You may have a few of your best friends that will be participating in this event that can’t afford a sumptuous send-off in Vegas so exploring other locations will be more affordable.

Las Vegas may be known as sin city but in our opinion the only sin is going for a weekend and spending thousands of dollars on a single night out. Medellin has great bars, nightclubs and gentleman’s clubs that allow you to have the fun you’d have in Vegas without the clichés associated with the phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Colombia is a place where most people live on $300 per month so most products and services such as food and transportation (and even “party supplies”) are available for a fraction of what you would get them back in the States. Not just that but hundreds if not thousands of men have their bachelor parties in Vegas, why not explore other places?

You can visit the best strip clubs and massage parlors in the city and for less than $100 you can have some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen cater to your every whim. This may be more than what you would pay in places like Bangkok (Thailand) or Hanoi (Vietnam) but what about the transcontinental flight?

As a VIP concierge service company we also have amazing packages that include airport pick-up, accommodation, dinner at the city’s best restaurants, weekend trips to summer homes just outside the city and female companions all for one low price.


Colombia is home to Paulina Vega (the recent recipient of the Miss Universe Pageant) and home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Countries such as Sweden, Ukraine and Russia get most of the credit but that’s only because Colombia is different (all of the beautiful women are in Medellin). Look up Ana Sofia Henao, Davalos Sisters, Sara Uribe, Catalina Otalvaro and Maria Fernanda Yepes and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Eastern European girls are hot but they’re pretty cold and if you like Latinas that are sweet and down to earth, you can’t go wrong with a Paisa girl.

You might be thinking that every country and even every city has beautiful models and you’re right but I’ll give you 30 seconds to do a quick Google Image search for Medellin Nightlife and tell me you don’t like what you see. Here, I’ll even facilitate the process: view link

Medellin VIP has been in the travel and tourism industry for over 5 years. Specializing in bachelor parties and nightlife concierge services, we have gotten to know the most beautiful women and the best venues to throw legendary parties. Talk to us about your plans, time available and we will provide a free quote today!


With the yearly average temperature being 71 °F, Medellin is the perfect city to have a bachelor party any time of the year.

Whether you want to have your party on one of our boats out in Guatape, at a nightclub in the city’s most prestigious areas, in one of our summer homes located away from the bustling city or right at one of our apartments, the weather will not be an issue. Can you say the same about the humid and rainy Bangkok?

Opulent Lifestyle

Medellin is a city where you can get pretty much anything at a fraction of the price you’d pay in the US, which is why a lavish lifestyle even if it’s for a week is almost guaranteed.

Talk to any expat and they’ll tell you how money goes a long way in Medellin and how coming down here for vacation will have you feeling like you’re in paradise. Whether it’s walking through the streets of Parque Lleras, exploring the towns of Santa Fe de Antioquia, Jardin or Guatape and relaxing on a hammock in one of our summer homes, you’ll see what paradise is really like. After a night of debauchery and a day of relaxation sipping back scotch poolside, you’ll probably never want to go back to real life. The only thing you should be worried about in Medellin, is wanting to stay.

At Medellin VIP we have thrown dozens of successful bachelor parties in Medellin and Cartagena throughout our 5 years in the industry. We make all of this possible in no small part thanks to the network of resources we have accumulated through hard work and 5 years of field work. So whether you want to plan a weekend, weeklong or one-month vacation for a bachelor experience, we have the tools and connections to have you feeling the true VIP experience in the up-and-coming city that is, Medellin.



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