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72 Hour Itinerary: Medellin Bachelor Parties

72 Hour Itinerary: Medellin Bachelor Parties

If you’ve stumbled upon this article and are not planning a weekend getaway to the city of Medellin, warning, you will find yourself wanting to take the next flight down to Colombia. Medellin is a city famous for its beautiful women and amazing strip clubs which makes it a fan favorite when it comes to planning a weekend away with the guys. Be it for bachelor parties, birthday trips or just hanging with the boys, Medellin is the place to be for yearlong springtime weather and crazy adventures.

Being that we’re a bachelor party agency, we have the scoop on the city’s best spots to party and want to help plan your trip for you. The following is a 72 hour itinerary made for a few clueless guys looking for a weekend experience in the city of eternal spring.

Friday, Day 1 – Arrival

You’ll arrive at Jose Maria Airport in Rionegro (a municipality outside of Medellin) located about 45 minutes away from Medellin.

Once you get to your apartment/hotel be sure to do a little recon on the area to be sure what the best spots are (we hope you booked your accommodation in the Poblado area as it is the safest and best sector in the city).

Friday, Day 1 – Becoming Acclimated

The Poblado area is rather pleasant and if you’re within the vicinity of Parque Lleras (a point of reference for anyone coming down here as it is a spot home to multiple bars, clubs and restaurants), much better. After a long flight you’re probably hungry so we suggest you get a bite to eat in Parque Lleras and order a Bandeja Paisa (rice, beans, plantain, egg, chicharron, steak or ground beef) which is Medellin’s typical dish.

After lunch, walk around the area to really get a sense of what the people do and how they behave (also a good chance to take a look at the beautiful women that will be roaming those very streets at night).

Notes: Parque Lleras and the Poblado area is safe but you always want to avoid flashy jewelry, you can drink the water they give you at restaurants but if you’re still feeling a little iffy about that be sure to order bottled water (“con gas” is sparkling, “sin gas” is flat)

Friday, Day 1 – Introduction to Relaxation

Now that you’ve had lunch, coffee and had time to walk your lunch off we suggest you head back to the hotel/apartment because i’m taking you guys over to a legendary massage parlor. Located in an old house that used to be owned by Pablo Escobar himself years ago. The ride is a little bumpy and the hill is quite steep so be prepared.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by a beautiful older woman who will ask you if you want something to drink (don’t come here for the beers) and ask if you’re ready to meet the girls. One by one they will present themselves and all you have to do is remember the one you liked and remember her name. For about $260.000 (or $100 USD) you will get a private massage and be with the girl you choose.

Friday, Day 1 – Friday Night

Now that you’re finished I bet you’ve worked up an appetite and it is for that reason that you need to head back to the apartment and get ready for dinner. At this point a few of your friends will want to go to bed but let us remind you that you’re only here for one weekend.

To the ones that manage to get ready we will take you over to the Charlee Hotel (again, in Parque Lleras) where you will enjoy a nice pleasant dinner at their Lucia Restaurant.

After dinner we will suggest a little bar hopping to get a sense of how beautiful paisa girls really are. 

If you’re out looking for wine or weird drinks, chances are you won’t find many types of drinks. A particular rule of thumb is, the further you go from the Poblado area, the harder the chance to find something other than Medellin Rum (aged 3, 8 and 12 years) and Aguardiente (a traditional drink made in Medellin that tastes pretty close to Sambuca) and maybe Tequila. We advise you to stock up on your favorite drinks before you come down, you won’t be able to bring them into the club but at least you’ll pregame with some of your favorite liquors.

Notes: Women here tend to go out in groups and be sure to see if the girl you ask to dance isn’t with a someone already, when you’re ready to take a cab back to your place, be sure at least one of you is sober to make sure you know where you’re going.

Saturday Day 2 – Last Night’s Aftermath

Chances are you probably woke up pretty late but when booking an itinerary with Medellin VIP we would have a driver at your door at 10am ready to take you on one of our multiple day tours.

Notes: When on vacation in Medellin (and booked a package with Medellin VIP) we always plan an itinerary for you weeks ahead of time but always be ready because an adventure can happen at anytime and you don’t want to be caught at home sleeping in your aqua-man boxer briefs. Dress comfortably and bring your camera.

Saturday Day 2 – Picturesque Scenery

We pick you up at the apartment/hotel and drive over to Guatape (a town located about 90 minutes from the city) home of the monolithic formation known as “La Piedra del Peñol”. On the way there you will have an amazing view of the city from the mountains and feel why it is “The City of Eternal Spring”.

Once you get to the site you will notice a rather large rock and remember we said dress comfortably? Well, that rock has about 800 stairs that need to be climbed in order to get to the top and enjoy the view that makes this trip worth it.

After climbing the rock we will head over to the lake for a little boat ride followed by some jet-skiing right on that very lake. Remember, bachelor parties aren’t just about strippers, massages, alcohol and overall debauchery. They’re about hanging out with the guys and getting away from the stress associated with work and pre-wedding planning.

Saturday Day 2 – Dinner and the Strip Club Scene

After the action packed Saturday afternoon a lot of you are going to want to pack it in and call it a day. We suggest you don’t because Saturday is a night reserved for sowing some wild oats. After you get a little rest and get ready, again we will pick you up and take you to dinner. This time at Carmen Restaurant.

Carmen Restaurant is owned by California natives Carmen Angel and her husband (head chef) Rob Pevitts. (See our guide of best restaurants in Medellin).

Immediately after dinner we will be parked outside and we’ll head over to a Strip Club located in Las Palmas (about 10 minutes by car from the Poblado area).

La Isla is the best strip club in the city and along with Fase Dos has the best selection of girls in Medellin and probably Colombia. (See our guide of best strip clubs in Medellin).

Upon entering you will get seated in a pretty comfortable couch and if you’re new to the strip club scene (let’s say you are) you just sit and watch as gorgeous women dance on a stage. Each dance lasts about 2 songs and while some dance, others walk around looking to sit with you and sell themselves to you. Remember, upon your request you will have a full time guide with you helping you every step of the way (well, not every step but you get the idea).

A girl can be anywhere between 180k – 250k (75-105 USD) and trust us, these girls are hot. Drinks are pretty crappy (as is expected) and it is recommended to just get a bottle of your favorite drink.

La Isla closes at about 3am and after that if you still want to party you can always take the girls back to the apartment but there is a fee of $75 laid upon by the strip club to take them out, plus what the girl decides to charge you.

We will then pick you up at the exit and head back to the apartment.

Sunday, Day 3 – Bidding Farewell

It’s a crummy feeling to know this trip is coming to an end but it is a reality we must all face. Depending on what time your flight is scheduled for we will head over to Parque Lleras for breakfast followed by a couple of beers before we drive you over to the airport for your flight back home.

This is an example of what a bachelor party weekend can look like. Any and all of these activities can be substituted for something more of your liking. Remember, we are Medellin VIP, Concierge and Hospitality Group where you pick your activities and we aim to please.

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