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5 Simple Tips for a Smooth (yet Epic) Bachelor Party in Medellin

5 Simple Tips for a Smooth (yet Epic) Bachelor Party in Medellin

5 Simple Tips for a Smooth (yet Epic) Bachelor Party in Medellin

Being handed the title of best man of a friend’s wedding is quite the accolade that many take for granted. It is the title given to the closest male to the groom, the person whom the groom trusts the most but most importantly for us, head of logistics for a bachelor party.

It takes a good best man to iron out a weekend with a wide array of activities that promotes male comradery, but it takes a great best man to throw an epic bachelor party in Medellín. For that reason (assuming you’re the best man) we want your planning skills to be on point. How will we accomplish this? With the following, 5 Simple Tips for an Easy (yet Epic) Bachelor Party in Medellin

#1 – Choose the Crew Wisely

People have their preferences when it comes to traveling in groups. Some might think the more the better but in a city with limited housing options for 10+ person groups, more isn’t merrier. We’ve handled groups with up to 19 guests and, though lucrative, it’s a challenge to get everyone into a club and approach locals. So keep your group down to only the closest group of friends. Headaches and challenges will be less.

#2 – Where to Stay

Assuming you’ve done at least some research on the city and learned about how El Poblado is where you need to be (the closer to Parque Lleras the better) we want to take it one step further. No matter how big or how small your group is, look for a venue where neighbors won’t be an issue. We all know you’re here to party but don’t be that loud obnoxious tourist everybody talks about.

#3 – Look for Reviews

There’s always something fishy about dealing with service providers in Latin America. Whether is unresponsiveness or the prevalent trust factor, nothing ever seems to flow as smoothly as they would in America or other first-world nations. The absence of Yelp and foursquare for many transportations and activities companies hinders potential clients from booking. When a company fails to have reviews (both good or bad) it’s a toss-up whether or not they’ll even show up. If a company is good, reviews are imperative, trust your gut.

#4 – Get Help

Medellín isn’t Jaco or Cartagena. That should probably say a lot. Many come to Medellín thinking they can do everything on their own and that the use of a guide has become obsolete. Not true. You’ve come too far to settle for walking around hoping to stumble upon the hottest club in the city. The help of a reputable entertainment company will add a plethora of perks. From safety to guidance and even logistics for underground parties, a VIP hosting company will show you the time of your life while keeping you safe.

#5 – Don’t be “that group”

As pioneers in the entertainment and hospitality scene in Medellín, we’ve had our fair share of groups. Some crazier than others, some easier than others but most of our groups have left with a positive image of Medellín and left neighbors with a positive image of young bachelors. On the other hand, we’ve had a handful of clients that have blatantly desecrated properties, held no regard for neighbors and have even disrupted people’s meals at restaurants with their belligerence. Everyone knows you’re here to have a good time and everyone knows you’ve got money to spend, keep a low profile and by sticking with us, you’ll set the standard for future bachelor parties to come.

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