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Strip Clubs in Medellin

Come visit Strip clubs in Medellin and see why the city is slowly becoming one of the world’s most popular bachelor party destinations. With beautiful women found everywhere and a no-holds-barred policy, Medellin strip clubs can’t be overlooked.

If you’re planning a guy’s trip to Medellin, visiting a Strip Club in Medellin will surely have you coming back for seconds (sometimes thirds and fourths). Introducing our Strip Club in Medellin excursions, Medellin VIP wants bachelor parties to get the best out of Medellin Nightlife. With trips to two or three of the city’s best strip clubs, we want you to experience the City of Eternal Spring at places that would put Montreal and Costa Rica to shame.

Tell us your travel dates, number of people and where you’re staying and in a matter of a few hours, we will program your strip club in Medellin tour. With the help of a VIP Host and nighttime transportation, you’ll hit the ground running. Contact us today.



Medellin Strip Clubs

Best Strip Clubs in Medellin

Strip Clubs in Medellin
VIP Treatment
A strip club tour in Medellin by Medellin VIP allows you to visit the best gentlemen’s clubs while getting VIP Treatment at each one. With the help of a VIP Host that will accompany you each step of the way, our strip club tours in Medellin are second to none.
Strip Clubs in Medellin
Bachelor parties need to be discrete and with Medellin VIP you get just that. Our trips to the city’s best gentlemen’s clubs are private tours that keep you close to action but far from crowds and scrutiny. All while maintaining safety and comfort, your nocturnal outings will be handled with discretion.
Strip Clubs in Medellin
In many latin American cities, strip clubs are sketchy taverns frequented by society’s underbelly. Our strip club tours take you to high end establishments where your safety will not be questioned. With multiple bouncers at every corner, your only concern should be the smell of stripper perfume.

Colombian Strip Clubs

Medellin, Colombia has been on the radar for a few years and many continue to doubt the possibilities this city has to offer. A place where adventure excursions, rare cultural experiences and epic nightlife all meet, there truly is no limit to how much fun you can have. The only question is, who will step up, rise to the occasion and accompany you on a trip that can only be described as epic?