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Guatape Tour



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Guatape Tour

Visiting Medellin and not taking the day trip out to the quaint town of Guatape is like not even having visited Medellin at all. This beautiful small town has been on the bucket list of many travelers and it would be a crime not to visit if you’re down here.
Most towns in Colombia are very similar. Spanish architecture, a church in the middle of a square, town drunks, city hall, and a bank. Guatape is the only town in Colombia that has had the misfortune of having its citizens permanently relocated. That’s right, in 1978, the town of Guatape was flooded in order to have a hydroelectric dam built. Its citizens were all moved and the remains of the old town are underwater. That’s not all, there is a 7,000-foot monolith that sits in Guatape territory. The rock itself has been there for millions of years and today, there are 742 stairs you can climb in order to reach the summit. These stairs although arduous for those suffering from the effects of a hangover are worth the adventure as the view from the top is something out of this world. Sold yet?
Our Guatape tour provides you not only with the transportation to and from but also a tour of the quaint town, entrances to the rock, a boat tour of the lake and a surprise visit to a villa built by he-who-must-not-be-named. Upgrade to our Boat Party in Medellin and this Guatape Tour can be informative, exciting and epic!


    • Round-trip Transportation
    • Rock Entrances
    • Tour of Guatape

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