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Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour



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Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour

Medellin, a city formerly avoided by travelers is now a city of hope and change. For many of it’s citizens, Medellin is considered as the best city in the world and they’ll all gladly open their doors to show you why. Introducing our Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour, Medellin VIP takes you to a part of town where hip hop, street art and dance is how the neighborhood’s youth showcase their talents.
The Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour takes you up to Comuna 13, an area that for many years was afflicted by guerrilla troops that called the shots. Comuna 13 is high up in the mountains and home to electric staircases that help its residents commute. The neighborhood has been under scrutiny from other countries and used as an example that change and innovation are possible in even the most impoverished places.
Our Comuna 13 Graffiti tour showcases the major works of art done by local artists. Their work depicts, suffering, hope, change and their overall appreciation for their neighborhood. The Comuna 13 Graffiti tour starts with pick-up at your hotel or apartment followed by a 20-minute drive to Comuna 13 where you will be given the general tour by a local artist. Recommended for those that wish to avoid the conventional city tour.


    • Transportation to and from your Hotel
    • Local Bilingual Guide

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