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Exotic Fruit Tour In Medellin



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Exotic Fruit Tour In Medellin

Colombia is one of only 17 megadiverse countries in the world. A type of country that harbors the majority of the world’s species of everything and we’re lucky enough to live right dab in the middle. Medellin’s perfect year round springtime weather allows visitors to get everything at any time of the year. Fruits and vegetables unheard of in North America and Europe are the reason why many tourists can’t get enough of our local markets.


Introducing the exotic fruit tour in Medellin, Medellin VIP gives you the opportunity of going on a guided exotic fruit tour! That’s right, the more you eat the more you learn and we encourage you to dig in, get dirty and sink your teeth into everything. There are 22 fruits in Colombia that aren’t found in over 90% of countries in the world and they can all be found at one of our local food markets. Not just that but there is also a cornucopia of small local eateries nestled in this market. Hidden gems that have been there for years that very few people know about and that we’re prepared to reveal.


Come enjoy our exotic fruit tour in Medellin and see why our clients can’t get enough of eating fruits in paradise!


    • Round-trip Transportation
    • Tour of the Market
    • Fruits and Snacks

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