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Strip Clubs in Medellin

Strip Clubs in Medellin

Medellin is a city filled with adventure, warm people and the world’s most beautiful women. Which is why every year swarms of tourists visit this city with hopes of finding a beautiful woman and learning why they are so coveted. For those of us that lack the time to get to know women and just want to cut out the middleman, there are also Medellín Strip Clubs that will meet the needs of the man on the go looking for a night on the town.

There are about 20 discernible strip clubs in Medellin and dozens more kept underground (for exclusive purposes). There is a strip club for every taste and budget and we want to arm you with the right knowledge so you’ll master strip clubs in medellín before you even get here. Follow these tips and you won’t make the same mistakes we did.

Don’t Expect an American Strip Club Set Up

Americans are used to massive sized strip clubs where there are girls on stage that slowly undress and tease the audience that happily toss bills on the stage. This is a pretty simple setup that seems to work but strip clubs in Medellín, have a different approach.

Strip clubs in Medellín also have girls that dance on a stage right in the middle of everything but instead of the audience tossing their monopoly-like Colombian currency on the stage, the girls walk by each table expecting a tip. An acceptable tip is a 2,000 peso bill (the equivalency of 70 cents). This money you slip in the undergarments of the happy-go-lucky Colombian stripper while you try and finagle a lap dance. Which leads us to our next item.

Strip Clubs in Medellin
Strip Clubs in Medellin

What’s a Lap Dance?

Let’s get one thing clear (and we probably should’ve led with this), the term strip club is fallacious. It’s more of a massage parlor with strip club used as a coverup. That’s right, you heard it, you can pick any girl you want and head over to the establishment’s hotel (with a side-entrance strategically located next door) and for a small fee (depending on the club and girl but anywhere between $50-150) spend an hour with her.

Now that got that out of the way, most guys just head over to strip clubs and wait to get a few lap dances here and there. Strip clubs in Medellín don’t really advertise lap dances for the sole reason that they price them almost as high as an hour with one of the girls. Why? Because that magical practice has not yet managed to permeate the culture. Why have a girl grind when you can have it all?

Long story short, we have seen lap dances performed, but they last 30 minutes and cost approximately $50. If you feel you can’t do without one though and find 30 minutes to be too much time, you can always give the girl a tip and have her sit on your lap for a bit.

Additional Tips

One thing we always warn unsuspecting clients about is the annoying demeanor of the

Strip Clubs in Medellingirls that just won’t leave. Girls aren’t alcoholics down here, they just do it for the drink kickback. A cocktail at the bar for the girls can run you about $10 which is not much but multiply that times 10 girls that roam your table like a pack of hungry dogs. They ask for a drink which is likely watered down tequila and of those $10 they get $3 for every drink someone buys them.

If you want the girls to chill and exchange pleasantries while they grind on your friends, why not offer them a drink from the bottle you guys ordered? Not only will you know for a fact she’ll be consuming actual alcohol but you’ll also be able to tell if their personalities are fun (an important quality when looking to mate).

Now, if you want to check out the town and these strip clubs, we offer a Gentleman’s Club Tour taking you to all three clubs in private transportation. We can even add liquor and a few extra friends to make the trip more memorable.

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