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Medellin During the World Cup

Medellin During the World Cup

With the World Cup right around the corner all of the 32 nations represented are fervorous. Not just because their countries are being represented but because business will be good.

For first world nations, you don’t need soccer for citizens to hit the streets and party but soccer or futbol changes things down in South America. Soccer is lived differently and Colombia is certainly one of those places


For those who aren’t soccer fans, the world cup is every 4 years,lasts a month and is from the second week of June to the second week of July. This year’s installment will be in Russia.

There will be 32 teams participating, 8 groups labeled A-H where there are 4 nations. The host nation automatically gets a 1st seed in group A and the remaining 31 teams have to play other aspiring nations in their continents. This qualification process lasts 3 years and on the 4th year, the 31 best countries in their continents qualify.

Brazil 2014

Let’s set the calendar back to 4 years ago, Colombia was getting ready to send its 23 man squad to Brazil. It was our first world cup appearance since France ‘98 and everyone was excited. Women in skimpy outfits dressed in yellow, major parks decorated and everyone running home to watch the games, never seen anything like this. It was almost as if the beautiful women waited the entire year to come out during the world cup days.

World Cup Parties in Medellin

Anywho, Colombia happens to be one of the 32 participating countries. So if you have the possibility to fly down to Medellin between June 15th and July 1st, whether it’s for a bachelor party or corporate event, the city will be lit up in yellow blue and red.

The main nightlife district, otherwise known as Parque Lleras will be the place to be not just during the games but the pre-games, after-parties, etc.

This will be without a doubt, the best time to be not just in Medellin but Colombia in general. It’s also just over 12 weeks away so be sure to download Hopper App, Cheap Flights or Skyscanner today!

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