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Enjoy Summer ‘18 at El Cielo

Enjoy Summer ‘18 at El Cielo

Finding party friendly properties is an arduous task. Neighbors hate the fact that landlords offer short term rentals because boisterous groups don’t let them sleep at night. For that reason we’ve gone astray from the apartment way and work hard to find groups that perfect rental.

This year we’ve joined forces with a few of the city’s most important real estate agencies to find the perfect bachelor party getaways. Last week, we fell in love with a new property.

The new property, given the name El Cielo (Heaven) is a gem that was hidden in the Las Palmas sector of Medellin. Its owner, an older Colombian with a small family, heard about the money he was losing by not renting this place and agreed to host groups of tourists looking for an authentic Medellin experience. Here’s a little background info before you do the inevitable and ask for availability.

The Space

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 6

Beds: 13

Features Found in El Cielo

With a name like El Cielo, expect to find amenities only available at the top properties in Medellin.

  • Infinity Pool Overlooking Medellin
  • 8 Person Jacuzzi
  • Lounge Room and Disco
  • State of the Art Sound System
  • Unmatched City Views
  • Bar
  • Nighttime Security
  • Daily Maid Service

Distance to Parque Lleras

El Cielo is located in the Las Palmas sector of El Poblado. One of the most exclusive sectors in Medellin. An area that is reserved for the Uber wealthy, Las Palmas is the road you’ll see on the way down from the airport and many of its luxurious properties are hidden. As far as distance to Parque Lleras, El Cielo is a short 15-minute drive away.

Why El Cielo?

If the amenities weren’t enough, there is also the factor of discretion. Don’t book a property just because it’s close to the action. There are a plethora of amazing villas located just outside the party district that will provide you with a unique Medellin experience that will go down in history. Ready to set the bar for future bachelor parties? Book El Cielo today!

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Want to know more about El Cielo? Email us today at info@u429764370-medellinvip-net.hostingerapp.com

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