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Celebrate your 40th Birthday with Medellin VIP

Celebrate your 40th Birthday with Medellin VIP

As a male, after you hit 30, birthdays can be somewhat of a drag. You get a bunch of messages and Facebook notifications from a handful of people you’ve barely met and are just congratulating you because Facebook reminded them to.

After 35 and on the cusp of 40, birthdays are annoying and lack originality. You already know what to expect, wife (or ex wife) and kids don’t even try at this point and it becomes just like any other day.

You get together with a group of your buddies and sit back and talk about how you need to get away and how great it would be to celebrate an upcoming 40th as a group.

Vegas is too played out, hackneyed and you’re not sure where to go.

Enter your brother’s best friend and his group of buddies that just wrapped up a bachelor party trip and voila, a light bulb turns on.

M E D E L L I N , C O L O M B I A

You gather around a table with your brother and his friends as they tell stories of this legendary, esoteric city where beautiful women are found in the most arbitrary circumstances and where there are no holds barred when it comes to partying.

With just a 3 hour flight from Miami separating you from this unrestricted paradise you urge your group of friends to jump on this opportunity to grasp this much needed weekend away.

best places to stay in medellin

As you talk them into joining you, there’s a voice in the back of your head that says it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.

The group of 4 finally agree to join you and you have tentative dates setup but what next?

M E D E L L I N  V I P

Now, this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve been to Vegas as well as Costa Rica so you think know the drill. Book a property close to the action and the rest will just fall into play.

Wrong. Medellin is a whole other animal.  

In Medellin, and at 40, you’re going to want to avoid the hassle of winging it because let’s face it, you have one weekend to do it big and zero chances of you coming back.

Here comes Medellin VIP swooping in to save the day as it’s done in tons of other occasions. How, you ask?

We start with our vacation rentals located just outside of the nightlife district where discretion will be the first thing you applaud. This villa will come equipped with a heated infinity pool, jacuzzi and even an underground nightclub built right below the pool.

For many this is already the vacation you had hoped for but this would be just the beginning. You’ll also receive a VIP Host that will spend the entire trip with you helping you cut corners and making sure no second gets wasted in this utopian city.

A host that within the first few hours will brief you on what you got yourself into and where the only question is, can you still hang?

M E D E L L I N  N I G H T L I F E

Don’t think this is just about partying (although it is the focal point of the trip), pre-planning this trip with Medellin VIP will have every second of the day planned out for you. From breakfast at your place by a VIP chef to multiple cultural excursions (pictures, pictures, pictures) and even nighttime excursions to the city’s best nightclubs, this trip will be the best birthday trip ever.

Shoot us a quick message with the group’s likes and expectations for the trip and we’ll shortly send you an itemized itinerary. If you have any specific request, don’t hesitate to ask!

Let 2018 be the year of Medellin !!

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