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12 Dos and Don’ts of Bachelor Parties in Medellin

Do Have your party weeks before

We all saw the hangover trilogy and loved to watch how 3 unsuspecting middle aged men foolishly had their bachelor parties the night prior to Doug’s and Stu’s wedding (if you haven’t seen it you should, it’s hilarious) and found themselves in crazy adventures that none could possibly remember the next day. For many this is a great series that shows us just how fun bachelor parties can really be but for us here at Medellin VIP we use it as an example as to why bachelor parties have to take place at least a few weeks prior to wedding day, especially bachelor parties in Medellin.

There is enough stress as it is and if you need to sow some wild oats, relieve stress or just take a well-deserved vacation, we suggest you have your bachelor party at least 3 weeks before the upcoming nuptials.

Don’t Assume Everyone has the Same Budget

Whether you’re the best man, groomsmen or even the groom himself planning the bachelor party you need to make sure that everyone is ok with coming down for a bachelor party in Medellin and spending money on a flight to South America.

A vacation to Colombia is actually pretty cheap when compared to most places around the world but regardless there might be a few members within your pre selected group that thought the bachelor party would take place right in your hometown. For that reason talk to everyone specifically and make sure everyone is ok with a weekend trip to Medellin.

Do Check with the Groom if Strip Clubs is something he wants on his to do list

Strip clubs in Medellin are fun and a must do for all bachelor parties in Medellin. Not just because the girls are INSANELY hot but because picture your most introverted friend trapped between a giant rack and not being able to understand a word the girl is saying, it makes for a laugh or two. However, if strip clubs aren’t the groom’s cup of tea, you might find yourself trying to entertain a bored or uninspired groom. The rest of the crowd might be having a blast but remember, it’s all about the groom.

Don’t Invite People that You’re not sure will get along

Bachelor parties in Medellin are all about gathering your friends and engaging in outdoorsy activities during the day and possible debauchery once the sun sets. But let us remind you that in order to have as much fun as possible, pick a select group of friends that you are sure will get along and will behave themselves. Nothing kills the party more than an argument between friends and as the person in charge of the selection process it is your job to see who makes the final cut.

Do – Plan Ahead and let your concierge at Medellin VIP know what you want

Your concierge at Medellin VIP is basically your eyes and ears in Medellin and we have a team of experts that know their way around town. For that reason we encourage all future bachelor parties in Medellin customers to make arrangements with us before you come down.

Still 3 months before the trip and you came up with something? Write us, we’ll be sure to plan your itinerary months ahead in order to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Once your package has been booked, within a few days you will get a tailored itinerary. Don’t like the itinerary? Make requests and change anything!

Don’t Be afraid or shy to ask your concierge for ANYTHING

Being that you’re the guests and the stars of your very own Hangover movie we want you to feel 100% with any and all requests. We have seen it all so don’t be afraid to ask for something far-fetched. In fact, we encourage you do because what if you have a specific request you want and not sure if you can get here in Medellin? It’s better to know sooner rather than later.

Do Have the Groom aware of all updates and changes

If you’re the best man or one of the groomsmen make sure every time you speak with one of our representatives and make an update or change, check with the groom to make sure he is ok with it. It has happened on more than one occasion that the groom requests something, the best man then makes changes and when the day comes, the groom is upset with us because things didn’t go as planned. Help us help you.

Don’t Engage in Dangerous Activities

Nothing kills Medellin bachelor parties (any bachelor party, really) or return home more than appendage or fractured limb (especially when you told the gals back home you were at a Latter Day Saints Conference in Salt Lake City). For that reason you should refrain from engaging in extreme sports you’re not familiar with.

Do Pay for the Groom’s Expenses

A common courtesy has always been for the best man/men and groomsmen to take care of the groom’s expenses upon landing in Medellin. Whether its buying him a few lap dances or a few steak dinners, let the groom know that he is the star and he is the reason why you’re all gathered. That being said the groom should be aware that he is the reason why everyone is in Colombia and should be appreciative that his friends set aside the time and money to fly down and even though you choose the activities, consider others as well.

Don’t go Looking for Trouble

Medellin is a small city that in 2008 saw over a million visitors fly down to explore its towns and take in the sites. It is safer than most big cities around the world but that doesn’t mean you can freely walk around every part in the city. We encourage people to explore the city on their own but make sure you check with your concierge the city’s go-to places and places you should stay clear of. The city has vastly improved in recent years but ask any globetrotter and they’ll tell you even in Vatican City you can get pick-pocketed.

Do Incorporate at least one physical activity

This might be a little contradictory with “Don’t Engage in Dangerous Activities” but we meant don’t try and pull a Jackass style stunt when in a foreign land with no health insurance. Physical activities are a big part of bachelor parties and with Medellin VIP we encourage you to choose from the following recreational feats we offer: Jet-skiing, paragliding, golfing, water rafting, shooting ranges, zip lining, paintball among others. Let us know what activities or what kind of tourism you prefer and within a few days you will have your pre-planned itinerary!

Don’t Wander off by yourself to unknown parts

Again, this don’t pretty much goes hand in hand with Don’t go Looking for Trouble” but it differs in the sense that we don’t want you to leave your group. With Medellin VIP you get an on-call or full-time guide but it is rather difficult for us to be with your group if you split up.

Very few people in the city speak English most of which live within the vicinity of the Poblado area (the sector of the city where you’ll be staying) so the further you go from Poblado, the least likely you’ll find someone that speaks English. If your Spanish is weak or non-existent, your best bet is to stay within your comfort zone.

Do you have any other Dos and Don’ts we haven’t mentioned? If so, we’d love to hear them! If you have any other questions about bachelor parties in Medellin be sure to contact us directly at info@medellinvip.com or call us at 877-562-4913.

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