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Guatape: The Day Trip you can’t Afford to Miss

Guatape: The Day Trip you can’t Afford to Miss

The city of Medellín was known across the globe as one of the places where no one should even consider visiting. With years of work in education and infrastructure the city now receives thousands of visitors each year looking to stray off the beaten path and have a new story to tell friends back home. Whether it’s backpackers looking to discover new cultures, photographers looking for those perfect shots to bring back home or bros looking for that new spot for bachelor parties, Medellín has it all.

We’ve spoken about the city’s best spots for food and cultural adventures but what if you want to discover someplace new? A place where you don’t have to be a photographer to have the perfect shot or a travel connoisseur to appreciate beauty and serenity. I’m talking about Guatape.

What is Guatape and Where is it Located?

Guatape is one of the 125 municipalities that make up the department (state) of Antioquia and is home to the monolithic formation known as “El Peñon de Guatape”. It is located 52 miles from the city of Medellín but due to the topography it takes almost 2 hours to arrive by car.

It is known by many as the place that holds the large rock we see in most posters advertising the city of Medellín but the town itself is a mixture of colonial architecture with the twist of bright colors that highlight the town and it’s people who take pride in playing hosts to the dozens of daily visitors.

The town itself is home to only 6,000 inhabitants and even though it gets a good amount of traffic every day, we still believe that not even half of the tourists that come to Medellín get to appreciate what Guatape has to offer.

El Peñon de Guatape

El Peñon de Guatape as previously stated, is a large monolithic formation or rock located in the heart of the town of Guatape. But wait, getting there is not the hard part. The challenge is to go up the 742 stairs within the rock to reach the summit and reap the benefits of a view unlike no other.

Many get discouraged after hearing the time it takes to get to Guatape and we don’t blame you. Vacationing shouldn’t be about taking long drives and after long party nights, driving into the mountains would not be my preferred daytime activity. But once you get a sense of where you are and how such an amazing view doesn’t have at least an honorable mention as one of the natural wonders of the world, you really begin to feel fortunate to have visited.

We encourage not just our clients but all visitors to take the trip up to Guatape and behold greatness not just at the summit of the rock but the town and people that embody the spirit of small town life. The pictures alone will be worth your trip to Colombia, we guarantee it.



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