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Boat Rentals in Guatape = Boat Parties in Medellin

Boat Rentals in Guatape = Boat Parties in Medellin

While many choose Cartagena as their Colombian Bachelor Party destination, others decide to go the non-conventional route and come to Medellin. Now, while there is no solid answer as to what place is better (without sounding biased), I will say that most choose Cartagena in large part thanks to the city having a beach.

If a beach is what you seek, Cartagena is second to none in Colombia but if what you want is an experience where you spend the day out on the water with your boys, sipping back cold beers and taking in an amazing view, we urge you to check out our Boat Parties in Medellin.

Guatape, Colombia

Those who follow our blog, social media (@medellinvip)  or have visited our website will tell you that our we can’t push a Guatape visit enough. In fact, it’s safe to say that anyone that comes to Medellin and doesn’t visit Guatape, didn’t come to Medellin.

I’ll explain..

Guatape is a small town located 2 hours away from the city of Medellin. It is a quaint little town filled with colors, small houses and boutique shops that enamour thousands of visitors each year.

Sounds pretty conventional, right? Get this, the town is actually sitting on the remains of another town that was flooded to build a hydroelectric dam! There is also a 70 million year old monolith that you can climb to witness a spectacular view of the lake the supplies 30% of the country’s energy.

In conclusion, the town is amazing.

Boat Parties in Guatape

I know what you’re thinking, this is going to be a history lesson but it’s not. So the town itself weren’t enough, Medellin VIP brings groups the chance to live out an epic daytime experience many thought was impossible on a Medellin trip.

Boat Parties in Guatape by Medellin VIP is the best way to spend a day out in the country on a comfortable speedboat or pontoon while sipping back a cold brew with your friends.

We start by renting a 19-passenger sprinter and load it up with semi-lethal quantities of alcohol, we then pick the group up at your hotel or vacation rental and off to Guatape we go.

The breathtaking views of the lake remind many of a tropical version of Lake Tahoe and once in the town, we head over to the dock where the music indicates we have arrived.

On the boat you’ll find a state-of-the-art sound system, and your very own butler ready to hand you a cold brew.

With music on blast, perfect weather and picturesque landscape, we then take you to the once lavish “La Manuela” villa, formerly owned by Escobar himself. Named after his only daughter, “La Manuela” hides secrets within its walls that people to this day try and break in and steal.

In addition to speedboats and pontoons, the lake also has jet-skis and canoes. So if you’re looking to get away for the day, relax with your friends and chill on a heavily underrated lake, look no further than our boat parties in Guatape and aquatic activities in Guatape.

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