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Top 8 Reasons why you must Visit Medellin this Summer

Top 8 Reasons why you must Visit Medellin this Summer

Summer is two days away and we bet most of you have some time off and want to do a little traveling. Whether it’s with friends and colleagues or a family-oriented trip, everyone is looking for the next place to check off their bucket list.

Now, Medellín might not crack your top 5 or rank up as high on that list as many Caribbean islands, but that’s not to say it’s not going to make for a great vacation trip. For the past 3 years, this city has been on the rise and it’s been turning quite a few heads. If you’re still not convinced, let us tell you why you must visit Medellín this summer.

Reason 1 – Perfect Weather

First thing most people want out a vacation trip (especially groups of friends and people with children alike) is a place where they can enjoy the sun and and not be suffocated by it. Medellín has an average yearly temperature of about 75 degrees (which gave it the nickname “The city of Eternal Spring”).

Reason 2 – Great People

Most of you don’t vacation for the people you’ll find outside of your country but warm, hospitable people help make cities great. Medellín’s warm weather is matched by its warm people that want you to leave with only positive things to say about their city. Everywhere you go you’ll run into people that have never seen a foreigner before and want to make you feel welcome. Whether you’re here with a group of friends or family, they’ll want to contribute to your good time.

Reason 3 – Few “Touristy Spots”

This is an important aspect for travelers who wish to avoid places with flocks of tourists. Medellín although popular, is just starting to be put on the map and there are still many people that are skeptical about coming (we’ll explain in a second). Depending on the month and season you decide to visit (see Medellín Travel:When is the best time to Visit?) most “must-see” places won’t be packed and you’ll surely be able to see everything on your list in a 4 day weekend.

Reason 4 – Landscape and City

The city itself was built in the valley which makes it picturesque no matter which way you’re looking at it from. The green mountains and views from the city’s highest peaks makes for amazing photography. Not to mention the various areas you’ll see in just 20 minutes riding in the city’s award winning Metro Train System. The gap between rich and poor is what you’d expect from a South American city but seeing all of this helps people feel grateful for what they have.

Most people that come expect dirt roads, primitive people and dirty streets but once you visit you’ll see for yourself that the city is not just clean but is as developed as the next city.

Reason 5 – History and Food

As you all know, the city had a bad rep back in the 80s and 90s due to the cartels that ran the city. Nowadays, thanks to years of great mayors, governors and work in infrastructure, the city was transformed and is now one of South America’s most talked about cities. In fact, many locals wish to forget about the past and are embarrassed as to how the outside world knows them.

The culinary scene has been growing in the past few years thanks to some of the tourists that loved the city so much that ended up staying and opening up businesses. You’ll find everything from Cuban to Taiwanese and if our international cuisine doesn’t do it for you, the local restaurants serve up quite a variety of exotic platters (try the Bandeja Paisa).

Reason 6 – Guatape and the Lake

Every city has 1 or 2 places that you absolutely have to see and Medellín is no exception. Located two hours away there is the small town of Guatape that contains a site that will more than likely make your trip to Colombia even better than expected. The town is called Guatape and in it you’ll find a monolithic formation known as “La Piedra del Peñol” or The Peñol Rock. Its 742 stairs and amazing view of the man-made lake below makes for an amazing experience both families and groups of friends love.

The town also provides you with activities in the lake such as jet-skiing, wake-boarding, kayaking and boat rentals. Spend the day out on the lake and have a blast stopping by the various luxury mansions located on the lake, take your kids swimming while you enjoy the picturesque landscape. A must-see for anyone visiting Medellín.

Reason 7 – Party Scene

For those who want to avoid early morning activity and feel that to get to know people and a city you must hit up the night clubs, Medellín’s party scene is for you. You’ve probably heard of Parque Lleras and if you haven’t, it’s a large square that contains dozens of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It’s where everyone hangs out and you’ll see people from every corner of the city. A great place have dinner, hang out with friends and meet people.

Reason 8 – Medellín VIP

The city itself makes for a great vacation but if you’re unsure about where to stay, how to get around, what activities to do, Medellín VIP is without a doubt your best option. We’re the city’s #1 entertainment and hospitality group. We do everything to make sure your trip to Medellín is better than you expected and our concierge service is second to none. Give us a call or email us and in just 5 minutes we’ll get you excited about Medellín and you’ll know this is a vacation trip your friends and family will love.

Call us today and ask about an itinerary, in no time we’ll plan your day to day and take care of everything so you won’t have to move a muscle. From transportation to accommodation, your Medellín vacation is easier with Medellín VIP.



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