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Stay Busy with our Upgraded Coffee Tour in Medellin

Stay Busy with our Upgraded Coffee Tour in Medellin

If you would’ve asked me two weeks ago, horseback riding and coffee together was probably last on my bucket list.    

The idea of riding a horse, I felt could’ve been done anywhere and being in the city of Medellin wasn’t going to make a difference.

Little did I know that there existed a tour where one could enjoy the countryside, disconnect from city life and learn about the world’s favorite drug (I’m talking about coffee).

Coffee Tour in Medellin  + Horseback Riding in Medellin

Horseback riding in Medellin

Our horseback riding in Medellin tour is an activity for those looking to see the Medellin countryside, listen to traditional Colombian music, see a real life family-owned coffee plantation and sip back a freshly brewed cup of coffee (made right on the farm where the horses live).

Here’s the itinerary for the tour:

  • 10am – Pick up at your hotel or apartment in SUV or Sprinter Van
  • 11am – Traditional Colombian Breakfast on the way
  • 11:30am – Arrival to Coffee farm and introduction to coffee picking
  • 1pm – Lunchtime at the coffee farmer’s house (bandeja paisa, the traditional dish of the region wrapped in banana leaves) followed by a freshly brewed cup of coffee you picked.
  • 2pm – Once uniforms are on (traditional Colombian sombrero and a poncho) the horses are saddled and you’re ready to head up the mountain.
  • 4pm – (optional) Depending on your pace, there is a waterfall and a creek up the mountain that if you bring a bathing suit you may swim in.
  • 5pm – The tour is finalized and this guided tour comes to an end.
  • 5:30pm – Pick up to take back to your hotel or vacation rental.

The farm is owned and operated by a family that’s been picking coffee for generations. Here you are taught the fundamentals of Colombia’s top exports as well as the history of the soil you’re standing on.

You also get a tour of the region on one of their majestic horses. The experience of living like a coffee farmer (going as far as dressing like them) coupled with riding your horse up the mountain really helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  

It’s a full day’s experience and it is run by a man that’s had coffee in his blood for 3 generations. The passion with which he refers to coffee will have you appreciate the art and hard work it takes into every cup, every Venti cup of coffee you have before work.

What other tour would you like to see us implement?

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