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Pablo Escobar Tour: Experience Medellin’s Incredible Transformation

Pablo Escobar Tour: Experience Medellin’s Incredible Transformation

Violence and bloodshed is as prevalent now in some Latin American cities as it’s always been and if we’ve learned something from history is that there’s not much we can do to stop it. Certain cities, however, have started to look at the small city of Medellin as a beacon of hope and place of prosperity.

The city once known for being the home of notorious and infamous pop culture hero, Pablo Escobar, has transformed itself into one of the continents’ most beautiful and rapidly growing cities. In just 20 years, the once murder capital of the world is now known as a “must-see” city and the last two years has seen thousands of tourists go home wondering why they don’t live here.

In the year 2015 alone, 430,000 Americans visited Medellin and it’s unfortunate but many knew of Medellin because of Pablo Escobar. While down here, tourists had the same question in mind: “What do locals think of Escobar and how did he change the lives of Medellin’s citizens?”

This question although simple, is rather complex and you’ll probably get a dozen different answers. Answers that you’ll only get by participating in our popular Pablo Escobar Tour in Medellin.

Pablo Escobar Tour in Medellin

The Pablo Escobar tour is our answer to all of the questions that have always existed and recently arisen due to Netflix’ popular show, Narcos. A completely private tour, the Pablo Escobar Tour takes you to the different parts of town that were influenced by Pablito himself and how the opinion of the kingpin differs in each of these parts.

From the area where he was born and went to elementary school, to the prison he built to jail himself to avoid extradition, you’ll hit every location you’ve ever heard of and a few more we’re sure that will surprise you.

The tour begins in Envigado which is a city about 10 minutes from Medellín, you’ll see the house that saw him walk his first steps. You will hear stories of his childhood and how he started with petty larceny, we will then take you to some of the buildings he had built and all the while your personal guide and driver will share small anecdotes that we bet you didn’t know.

Local Opinion on Medellin VIPs Pablo Escobar Tour

Locals generally oppose to this type of tour in no small part because of the unnecessary memories it brings forth and the epitomization of such a notorious figure. Our answer to that is simply, the city is light years away from what it used to be and remembering such a dark a gruesome time only benefits the current city of Medellin. Remembering such a time sheds light on the progress made and the lengths the city and the public has done to improve. So in the end, a Pablo Escobar Tour serves its purpose and tells visitors the truth, what’s fact and what’s fiction and we hope that by the time you complete the tour, you have your own conclusion on Pablo Escobar.

What do you think about Medellin’s Transformation and Pablo Escobar?

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